Seminar on photographic lighting

I am considering offering seminars on photographic technique. The two topics most often requested are people and product, specifically firearms. Could I see a show of hands — who would be interested in one-day seminars, conducted on weekends?

  • Product photography, with emphasis on Blades and Firearms
  • Portrait and people photography in general

Both classes would include demonstrations and hands-on experience. The classes would be limited to four participants each, and the cost would be $375 per person. For those traveling into Nashville, I plan on offering the classes on consecutive days, and with $700 cost for attending both (a $50 discount).

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2 Responses to Seminar on photographic lighting

  1. Garrett Lee says:

    $700 discount on two $375 classes? I think you added an extra zero there, I’m afraid. Either that, or you really don’t want people attending just one, do you?

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