Has anyone been able to reach Moore Advanced Dynamics lately?

I’ve been trying to get ¬†ahold of Mark or Gary from M.A.D., but nobody picks up either land line or cell phone, or responds to email. Their contact form errors out. If anyone is in touch with them, please ask them to connect back to me.

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  1. Lyle says:

    I don’t know about MAD, but I did get a notice of bankruptcy today from the law firm representing some other company. It seems the five thousand dollars they owe us has just gone bye-bye forever. No wonder they weren’t answering their messages.

    It can get much worse. Once I was forced to do repair service on a musical instrument that was essentially stolen goods (from us) and hand it back to the thief. That was my property. I ended up as the defendant in federal court over that, because I initially refused to hand it over to said thief. Yeah; you don’t understand how hostile our government is to business until you’ve run one for a few decades. Many of you probably don’t even believe me. It’s that bad. I’m probably breaking some dip-shit federal law just telling you about it.

    (sorry – I got carried away there for a bit)

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