Ethan Allen or similar Pepperbox revolvers

Does anyone know the typical powder charges and velocity for .28, .32 or .36 caliber versions?

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  1. Kelly Harbeson says:

    I was taught a starting load way back in the day put a round ball in your Palm and pour enough powder to cover it. You can’t overcharge a safe muzzle loader but you can waste powder

  2. This is a fun gun…use 10 grs of 3F B/P….use a pillow ticking patch with a water soluble tapping fluid…tap the round ball tightly on top on the powder charge leaving no air space. I believe Pedersoli makes the replica…I would contact them. NEVER place the round ball in your hand and cover it with BP as a measure. I would use a 22 LR case as a measurer….I used a 223 but had it calibrated for 22.5Grs for my revolver. I placed epoxie at the bottom to calibrate it. a 22 LR or 22 Mag case should work. There’s no accuracy p
    loading…you just want to have a good time with it.

  3. Paos says:

    According to “Ref River Renegades” load chart the following is recommended:

    .32 RB @ 47 gr use 25 gr 3f BP

    .36 RB @ 65 gr use 35 gr 3f BP

    There are numerous BP sites where you might gain information, and order accurate powder measurement instruments .

    Have fun.

  4. Paos says:

    Sorry that should read “RED RIVER RENEGADES”

  5. Lyle says:

    Hard to talk about muzzle velocities, given the variations in powders, charge weights and loading practices. Working with my little 36 cal revolver (5.5″ barrel), about 850 feet per second is on the high side unless you take pains to stuff in a more compressible substitute powder. With the pepper boxes, depending on barrel length, I’d say 600 to 800 fps in 36 cal. I can’t comment on smaller calibers because I haven’t played with them.

    I get in excess of 1,100 fps from a 36 cal 7.5″ revolver with a 100 grain bullet and a full chamber of 777 powder (powder compressed by the length of the bullet) but that’s a rather different setup. See reply #21 here;
    So if you load crazy like that, and you have a long-ish pepper box, and it’s a strong one, you might could get close to 1,000 or even more.

    Of course a revolver has a limited chamber capacity (the bullet cannot not protrude forward of the cylinder face) whereas a pepper box could in theory be charged with as much powder as will fit in the barrel, out to the muzzle, or until the barrel bursts. There’s going to be a point of diminishing returns as the effective barrel length decreases with an increase in powder volume. At some point as the charge is increased you’ll start getting lower velocities.

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