OATH TSR slug accuracy

The makers of TSRĀ slug never tested it in rifled barrels, and recommended it only for smoothbore pumps or other manual action shotguns. I tried it in Winchester SX3 Cantilever deer gun.

Results: mild recoil (gas autoloading must be doing its job, given the nearly 600gr slug at 1200fps), excellent accuracy. Four shot groups at 25 yards are all less thanĀ the slug diameter in size, working out to about 2.4MOA — and that’s with just a red dot! Without rifling, from a bead sighted maverick 88, the groups are around 3-4″, some of it coming from variable sighting.

When properly loaded, this load cycles SX3 just fine. My sample pack had four squibs out of ten, which was a novel experience. The primer did push the slug downrange and the projectile even hit the 25 yards target, though a foot low. I will be testing much larger quantities of the slug from actual production (mine were pre-production samples) before I can recommend it for reliability, but accuracy in rifled bores is stellar.

By contrast, Teamneverquit slugs (1 oz, 1200fps) were not quite as accurate from rifled bore — 1.5″ at 25 yards — but had no variation between rounds. Rifled chokes gave similar results, smoothbore around 3-4″, same as TSR. Recoil, at least from SX3, was minimal.

Overall, if I had to pick a tube-fed defensive rifle, the SX3 would be the top contender. It’s light, handy, has minimal felt recoil, and serves 12ga bullets that expand to 1.5″ (Team Neverquit) or 2.6″ (TSR). I do wonder if the magazine tube could be extended past 4-shot capacity — 6 total would be nice, but I am not sure if that would compromise the currently excellent balance.

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8 Responses to OATH TSR slug accuracy

  1. Rick T says:

    Is OATH back to being a viable supplier? I recall concerns earlier in the year about Chapter 11 bankruptcy….

  2. JD says:

    squib = stuck in barrel
    sounds like you had under power/under ignition… NEVER a good thing any any ammo, even more so in defensive ammo.

    • ctd says:

      Wait, what? upwards of $6/shot and a 40% failure rate? for something demanding nothing less than “six sigma” performance? Quibbling over the exact definition of “squib” aside, this is unacceptable.
      Seems I had cognitive dissonance reading that line first time.
      Looking for some clarification & reassurance here…

      • Oleg Volk says:

        I loved the accuracy of the six rounds that worked, didn’t love the failure rate. So I will run through another batch of 25 and see if they all go bang. Any failures in that — can’t recommend for serious use. If they all work, then it seems like a very useful antipersonnel round.

  3. James says:

    “… had four squibs out of ten, which was a novel experience.”

    Holy crap. 40% fail is completely unacceptable. I’ve shot at least 50 3Gun matches, maybe 75, over the last few years. I’ve never had one derp like that in either pump or autoloaders.

  4. Gewehr98 says:

    Do they even have a Quality Department? (Yikes)

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