Spotting anti-gun propaganda

Just saw a link to an animation featuring sheriff’s kid shooting dad with a visibly unloaded Winchester rifle. The hammer on the safely carried rifle is shown in the uncocked position, followed immediately by the accidental shooting. People who are unfamiliar with lever actions would see that as an indictment of firearms, if only on a subconscious level. Be aware of this kind of sneak demonization of guns, tell others.

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  1. Lyle says:

    It’s been done over and over and over, for decades– The gun on the wall, the gun propped up against a table, the dropped gun; it always goes off when bumped. Thus, the inattentive among us (the “default leftists”) “know” that having guns around the house is super dangerous. So it is that, many years ago, when I first brought a gun home my wife cried.

    Such people have been systematically programmed, yet we cannot point that out to them without insulting them. Who wants to believe they’ve been duped to such an extreme extent? And so the lie is reinforced through emotion (in this case the fear of being considered stupid). These sorts of lies thus have a way of strengthening in the face of opposition.

    We therefore have the VERY delicate job of introducing the dupe class to the truth without upsetting their increasingly sensitive emotions. Almost always, on the other hand, it results in war as the truth becomes Public Enemy Number One.

    So how do we avoid war? “Don’t insult” is probably one of the first rules, and we’ve been terrible at that in recent decades. For example, rather than say, “Those assholes! Guns don’t work like that! This is part of a conspiracy, and anyone who believes that is an idiot!” a better response would be, “That’s just Hollywood; guns don’t really work like that. I could show you sometime if you’re interested.”

  2. raven says:

    Almost never will you see a firearm introduced in a movie, ending in any context but violence or tragedy.

    Always, the kids shooting tin cans, the hunter, the gun collector, will have some dark outcome involving the gun.
    It has become a dark force, a talisman of evil to the left.
    The only exception to this, is when it is the forces of the state using a firearm -police, military, sometimes private investigators- they get a pass-

    And it is supremely interesting psychologically, that no other hand weapon, be it sword or bow , halberd or axe, has any connotation of intrinsic evil- it is only the firearm. The left, despite all it’s enshrined victim status, is essentially the party of Goliath, and the empowerment of David is anathema to them. And the firearm, is the defense tool supreme for the weak, the old, the small, and the out-numbered. Bullies hate to fight on equal terms.

    • Lyle says:

      Spot on!

      “The only exception to this, is when it is the forces of the state using a firearm -police, military, sometimes private investigators- they get a pass- “

      I call them the “Genius Saints”. The cops and other authoritarian figures are depicted as genius/saints, working tirelessly, and sacrificing. Without them we would all be lost in a world of even deeper darkness. They and they alone can bring us to salvation, if only we invest enough faith and money in them, and relinquish enough of our silly, out-moded notions of “liberty”.

      Why, if it weren’t for us backward hold-outs, if the Genius Saints had total power, the world would be all happiness and light. So; what should be done with us?

  3. Jay says:

    Like the old saying goes; “I saw a movie once where only the State had all the firearms- it was called Schindler’s List.” The reality is that those who control the main sources of propaganda in this country are NEVER going to deviate from their goals or their agenda. And those who try to beat them on their own terms are hard pressed to win against such well polished hidden persuaders. If you want to resist them, find other sources of news, entertainment, etc. and encourage others to do the same. They are making it easier every day with their blatant lies shoved in their viewers’ faces. Use that to your advantage and let those who have been falling for it all this time learn to see it for themselves. Eventually, many will come to that moment in time like the cow in the Gary Larson cartoon standing in the field who looks up with an incredulous face and proclaims “Hey! This is grass! WE’VE BEEN EATING GRASS!!!” Only then will they accept that they have been lied to all along, and the very people they were TOLD were “evil” are the only ones who dared to try and speak the Truth to them. Once they get to that point, you will find those types of people are the most committed supporters of freedom, because they understand that everyone ELSE is being fed the same lies They have found out for themselves as well.

  4. SMLE says:

    Personally, I think you are reading WAY too much into that video.
    But, anti-gunners are not really right in the head.
    Here is an oldie, but a goodie from JPFO.

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