Radom P64

New manufacture 9×18 Makarov ball — it’s curious to see “Red Army” branding on Polish made ammo, considering how poorly the current Poles think of the USSR.

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3 Responses to Radom P64

  1. Joe says:

    The P-64. I have had mine for years, and have considered trading up many times. Yet, it has almost always remained loaded and close for a singular reason; it is the most accurate hand gun I have ever fired, with exception of a S&W .38 revolver. I don’t think much of the 9×18 round however, this pistol fits me exceptionally well. If only she were chambered for .45acp 🙂

  2. Lyle says:

    “Red Army” ammo? I’m looking across the room at a box of shotgun shells on my dresser, and it says “Heavy Game Load”. It’s for shooting heavy game, see?

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