Compact camera musings

Sony NEX7 with 20mm/2.8 pancake…fits all needs except macro. Same with 30/3.5 macro fits all needs except pocketability. It would even mount the FE 55/1.8 as a short tele.

From standpoint of ergonomics, Olympus Pen F would bring articulated LCD and internal stabilization, plus the ability to use my one current 4/3 lens, but it’s nearly as big as the A7R with 1/4 of the sensor size…

Looking at true subcompacts, I am unhappy both with the small sensors (1/1.7″ or even 1″) and with the slow zoom lenses. The closest I found to a usable lens seems to be the 18.5mm prime for Nikon 1…and Nikon 1 V3 seems to have all the features I like, but there’s something about that system that’s giving me pause.

One more option: dirt-cheap used Olympus EM1 (no protected viewfinder but pocketable) with Panasonic 20/1.7 pancake lens.

UPDATE: The latest contender, Panasonic GM1 with 20mm pancake lens.

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3 Responses to Compact camera musings

  1. rocky says:

    Are you switching away from your Canon 5D???

  2. poobie says:

    Oleg, I’ve got a Nikon 1 V1, along with the 10, 18.5, and both the cheap zooms. I’ve really enjoyed using it; the N1 AF system is FANTASTIC. Since I shoot Nikon SLRs, I also bought the F-mount adapter. I’ve tried it with the 70-300, 70-200 2.8, and the 80-400, and if you can live with just center AF, it’s great. The lenses hold up just fine.

    I’ve stuck with the V1 for the integrated EVF and huge battery, though the V3 is also compelling. At this point, though, I’m waiting to see what the next V looks like. I love the system though; they’re squeezing really nice performance out of those 1″ sensors. Low light performance isn’t _great_, but it’s usable. I’d put it somewhere between the D50 I shot years ago and the D90. If I really need low light capability, though, I bring the D600 anyway.

    That’s a lot of words to say I’d recommend the V3 or J5 with the 10mm f2.8 or 18.5 f1.8 if you can get a good deal on a used body. The lenses are great, the AF is great, and both those cameras are pretty pocketable, especially with the 10mm mounted.

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