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Cold Bore Accuracy vs. Small Groups


Toolcard by Lever Gear

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  1. Lyle says:

    Good write-up on the cold bore verses bang bang bang groups.

    When verifying zero for a hunting rifle, the cold clean bore shot is the only one that matters. Therefore when testing ammo for that propose, or dialing in a new sight, you should swab the bore between shots, or take whatever measures to ensure that you’re testing the rifle in the same condition in which that one important shot will be taken.

    All of my groups fired in actual hunting have been one-holers, because only one shot was fired. I wonder how many people understand that.

    Try this exercise, if you’re not a big game hunter. Get your rifle, together with all the shooting gear you might take out with you for a day of shooting. Targets, the rifle case, with all of whatever junk you carry in it, cleaning supplies, your shooting bench, electronic muffs, your shooting rest, your tripod and spotting scope, your special chair for sitting in while shooting at the bench, etc. Make arrangements with your spouse to take care of whatever it is needs taken care of at home in you absence, etc., etc., etc., etc. maybe you’d have to plan for a week, or even months, to set aside this special time for you and your rifle at the range. Get everything loaded up into your vehicle, drive whatever distance to your range, maybe stop for some range snacks and bottled water along the way; you don’t want to get too hungry or thirsty while on this special range trip. Get everything all set up, laid out and ready…………and take exactly one shot. Hit or miss, bullseye or flier, you get only one shot. Now pack up all of your dumb shit and go home, and make sure it’s all cleaned up and put away tidy afterward. Don’t worry; if you missed your one shot, you’ll get another chance to fire one shot in exactly one year.

    Only then will you begin to acquire the wisdom, and the understanding of the importance of the one, cold clean bore shot, and also the importance of traveling light, and keeping it simple.

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