“With all this excitement…”

“…I can’t recall if I fired six shots or only five. But being as this is a seven-shot Nagant, you don’t have to ask yourself if you feel lucky, punk. You aren’t.”

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3 Responses to “With all this excitement…”

  1. Kelly Harbeson says:

    Thought that looked like a Nagant. I have one so I know it is a seven-shooter

  2. Patrick says:

    Being that it’s a seven shot Nagant, you ARE lucky. The worst that could happen is that the bullet might leave a small welt and maybe break some blood vessels under the skin. 😉

  3. Ray says:

    Patrick: Don’t believe that for a second. There are more dead Pole’s , Nazi’s, and Zek’s from that “little” revolver than you could haul away with a 500 car train.

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