Film Review: Rebellion

Five-part mini-series about the Easter Uprising of 1916 in Ireland. I looked it up because the director just completed The Unknown Soldier about the 1944 Continuation War. Rebellion suggests that the movie will be worth watching.

Plot 5/5
Visuals 4/5 (weak special effects)
Acting 5/5, pretty uniformly strong crew
Audio 4/5
Camera work 5/5

Usually, I like diverse camera angles and magnifications. This series used almost entirely medium shots with the camera being a virtual bystander to the action. The immersive effect was excellent. Compared to the more cinematic Michael Collins, Rebellion came across as more real and documentary-flavored. Excellent secondary actors, with one exception (one of the British officers). This series in on Netflix. I have not found a source for Unknown Soldier yet.

The accents of all participants seemed rather Americanized. Some of the minor interactions between characters a bit too full of pathos. The total effect, however, was quite riveting.

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