To Camo or Not to Camo: new on AllOutdoor.

To Camo or Not to Camo

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3 Responses to To Camo or Not to Camo: new on AllOutdoor.

  1. Jay Travis says:

    That’s some REALLY effective camo, Oleg- I can’t even see the picture! Any more effective and it would have to be Rhodesian!

  2. Ray says:

    Well…Bright colors don’t always mean you’ll be seen, and camo doesn’t always mean that you won’t be seen. I was hunting a few years ago and some local teenage boy decided to plunk down behind a cedar tree about 100 meters in front of my stand. My hunting partner and I didn’t see him AT ALL until he stood up and walked out of the trees. Even though he had a blaze orange, vest, hat and jacket on. He was poaching, so no one expected him to be there. Lucky for him it just ended with a lecture, and his Dad confiscating his gun for the season. Another time my brother saw a guy poaching on my Mothers farm. He had on head to foot “multi-cam” with a crossbow. He just chose a bad spot where his camo stood out against the background. IMO common sense is a big, maybe the biggest factor in the forest. 10X more important if you are hunting. To bad so few teach it today.

  3. Jay Travis says:

    Ahh; that’s better. Now it’s working!

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