Is this how UK views the US?

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  1. They manifestly do not understand that Americans bring guns to knife fights….

  2. Rick T says:

    I thought that was the Finns….

  3. Scramasax says:

    A fellow enthusiast of mine had already gifted his daughters with Balidongs by the time they were 10. By 12 they were expert enough to be able to toss and juggle there knives with each other and not get cut.

  4. Panda says:

    So can we do one for them? I think that whole Rotherham mess offers possibilities?

  5. Nomen Nescio says:

    my, that’s a nice blade. where might i get one of those?

    • Oddball says:

      It’s an Ontario Rat 1. If I’m correct in recognizing it, that particular one has an Aus8 blade, but they also make them in D2.

      If none of your local shops carry them (Academy has started carrying the Aus8 version), you can get them for surprisingly cheap on Amazon, BladeHQ, etc.

  6. William says:

    I would totally let my kid wear that shirt to school.

  7. Lyle says:

    Maybe it’s the wrong question. Rather, maybe the Brits should be concerning themselves with how we in the U.S. view them. Or do they believe that the Russians or the Chinese will bail them out next time they’re in real trouble? Or do they even think that far, or know anything about history such that they have the capacity to think about it at all?

    On the other hand, it was American Progressivism, exported to Europe and the UK, which resulted in W.W II, and I suppose that, in turn, started in earnest in Russia around 1844 when Karl Marx began his ridiculous writings.

    Yeah; the Brits are screwed any way you look at it, so never mind.

  8. Blue Feather says:

    Nothing that takes place in Britain should come as a surprise. The seeds of tranny and appeasement have been in the soil for ages. Learn from it.

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