Little Red

Could you guess her age from the photo?

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14 Responses to Little Red

  1. LarryArnold says:

    I have two daughters. My oldest was mistaken for 16 when she was 28. My youngest was mistaken for 25 when she was 15.

    Given makeup and clothes, guessing a young woman’s age is a fool’s game. Guessing most other women’s age is suicide.

  2. Millerized says:

    She’s 27.
    Just an educated guess.

  3. Matthew Carberry says:

    The important question is, “Where in the world is she, and what monument did she steal?”

  4. Bear says:

    Guess her age? Haven’t I embarrassed myself enough in the past?

  5. Lyle says:

    Not from that photo alone. I’d say anywhere from about 13 to 26. In any case, the Big Bad Wolf is not going to have a nice day.

  6. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    I’d guess 16 years, but I’m so bad with women’s ages that I’d never guess out loud.

    However, someone trifling with the young lass would likely find she’s 9mm…

  7. Skip says:

    Old enough to own a gun?

  8. Damian John says:

    I am in my mid thirties, so I will say that.

  9. Scott J says:

    Her face says early teens. Her hands say late 20’s.

  10. Cybrludite says:

    Young enough that I’d leave her be, even if she didn’t have that Kel-Tec.

  11. Oleg Volk says:

    She just turned 21.

  12. Tierlieb says:

    Guessing a woman’s age. Always tricky, even when they ask for it themselves. What does not work, is this:

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