Seeking advice on traveling around Italy

My parents and I are going to Italy in late May.

  • In Rome we still have a choice of living either close to metro Piazza Bologna on via Michele di Lando or in a slightly more comfortable flat on Via di Santa Petronilla that is less connected to public transportation network. Any advice on which to pick?There was a once a sizable colony of feral cats next to the Colosseum. Does anyone know if they are still around with the recent reconstruction going on?
  • We will spend a couple hours one morning in Piacenza. Any advice on finding a good breakfast place reachable by foot or bus from a large railway station at 6 am?
  • We decided to travel some distance by car and see small towns with nice architecture. On the way from Piacenza to Bergamo, would Crema or some other town be the best midpoint for lunch break and sightseeing?
  • We are also planning to spend a few days exploring the northern lakes. Our current idea is to stay in a small town on lake Como and from that base reach interesting places by car and ferries. Which towns would be best for sight-seeing? Lezzeno and Laglio are the top candidates for now (we have to be not very far from Malpensa for our morning flight back).
  • If you or your friends are willing to meet there, please connect with me. Also open to suggestion if somebody wants to rent a place to stay to us. Other than the flight schedule, our itinerary has some flexibility.
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2 Responses to Seeking advice on traveling around Italy

  1. Old NFO says:

    One piece, be aware of pickpockets in Rome… They are everywhere, and will get you in a heartbeat. Anything you don’t absolutely need for your day out, leave locked in your luggage in your room.

  2. LarryArnold says:

    My advice on locations would be way out of date. I will suggest you try their red orange juice, very tasty for breakfast or heat-of-the-afternoon refreshment.

    Enjoy your trip.

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