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Hazards of modeling: the hungry beasts

So you are just standing in a meadow, trying to look properly angsty…and this big beast comes up and tries to nibble on you!

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Pay Attention!


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She’s no mechanic!

She may have a grease gun, but the cars she serviced catch fire more than they run…

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Poor Yorick and other skulls

“My dearest deer…” “Drink up!”

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Fun guns and the girls who shoot them

ATI STG44-22 is one of my favorite plinkers. Scoped, it’s impressively accurate.

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Pole arms and hoplophobes

I wonder why the fans of Markley’s Law don’t annoy the Swiss guardsmen with their helberds or the Japanese history reenactors with spears and naginatas. Seems to me, the users of pole arms are far moreĀ appropriate targets for the accusations … Continue reading

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Don’t dare Mad Mike — he would take you up!

Writer Michael Z Williamson. Tshirts are available here.  

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Mein Kline Amie

Writer Amie Gibbons.  

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Where pugs come from

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Leopard got a monkey!


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Something the government got right

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The contemplation of St.Ballistica

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Santa’s little helper says

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Mixed couple

Mini14 and AR in one family…that’s crazier than Romeo and Juliet or Windows and Mac…must be true love! (Could be worse. AR and AK in incompatible calibers…)

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Valentines Day is coming.

Practice your knots!

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Models have such tough lives…

…this one was getting a back massage from my assistant. Olive oil with a little red pepper works great to vanquish goosebumps from shooting outdoors.

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Season’s greetings!

“And save us some dead critter bits off your plate, will ‘ya?”

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Scary Halloween thoughts.

This year, same as last, the scariest deeds aren’t being shown on C-SPAN. They are being done on the quiet — so take C-SPAN level of scary and multiply it by some unknown but considerable coefficient to get the idea … Continue reading

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Fiddling while Europe burns

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Hating’ on the pink guns?

Pink might not be “tactical” but neither is stainless…yet nobody has argued against that since the 1980s!

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