Bullpup triggers

I keep seeing posts opining that KSG trigger must be awful, “like all bullpups”. RFB .308 and KSG use a very similar trigger design that’s light and crisp. It’s better than any stock AR15 and only slightly inferior to the target-grade ARs. Unlike most bullpups, it doesn’t use the long sear linkage that causes the spongy pull.

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5 Responses to Bullpup triggers

  1. Ernunnos says:

    Yes, it’s pretty good, at least on the RFB. But the best good bullpup I’ve ever felt has to be the Desert Tactical rifle. Once adjusted, it has a trigger as good as any non-bullpup.

  2. I just love gun store charlies who pontificate on products they or even their “comrades” have never used. Ah well, wishing a pigs ear was a silk purse never works either.

  3. Bryan S. says:

    I agree, if the KSG is anything like the RFB, the trigger will be the best you have ever tried on a bulpup, and better than many others out there.

    I bet the people nay-saying it have only had their hand at those awful AK bulpups that use a piece of easily broken cable for a trigger link.

  4. Rivrdog says:

    I own two KT Sub 2Ks, and both have terrible triggers. Both guns are broken in, with over 400 rounds fired. I guess Kel-Tec learned how to build a better trigger group from having to fix all those returned S2Ks.

  5. Bryan S. says:

    I dont know about you, but while the sub2k trigger is not perfect, its enough to hit a 4″ gong at 100 yards, so it cant be that bad.

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