Suppressed .338 Spectre

.338 Spectre’s main claim to fame is good subsonic performance. Skinny 8mm (.338) 300gr bullet retains decent ballistic performance further than Russian 9×39 or .300 Blackout. It’s performance is very similar to .338 Whisper. Thanks to low muzzle pressure and slight extra projectile clearance, standard 9mm pistol suppressors may be use, reducing weight relative to dedicated rifle suppressors.

Teppo Jutsu | Gemtech | SBR Ammunition

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10 Responses to Suppressed .338 Spectre

  1. Evgeniy says:

    What is Russian 9*39 Grom?

  2. Ivan says:

    Только это не “Гром”, а СП-5/6 или ПАБ-9. “Гром” – это экспериментальный патрон 9х30 мм, разрабатывавшийся по проекту создания русского PDW.

    Патроны “Гром”

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  4. Ivan says:

    You are welcome. 🙂

  5. R. says:

    Nice gun..but looks like something coveted by FPS playing teenagers. Wouldn’t willing to be photographed toting it.

    Would choose a scoped Bren gun any day over this.-… I like heavy guns.

    And as someone said..

    You’re going to be involved, you might as well have the big guns

  6. RickM says:

    Can you email me the name of the scope and the bipod?


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