Waiting for Mussolini

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6 Responses to Waiting for Mussolini

  1. zloradskij says:

    MP looks way too tidy and new for guerrilla.

    • dilitant.livejournal.com says:

      Ну, не повезло окупантегу, не повезло.
      Только, понимаешь, выдали ему новенький и чистенький МП, а он уже в добрых руках партизанки очутился.

  2. Wess Rodgers says:

    That looks like a woman to ride the river with. Great feeling in this shot!

  3. Lyle says:

    Nice photo. Mussolini is already among us however. He moved in quite a long time ago, and has been teaching our kids and building his coalition while we argue over whether the Democrats or the Republicans are best suited to run our lives for us.


    • Bill Cyrus says:

      What is worse, we expend so much effort after foreign enemies while treating domestic (often elected) ones who want the same things differently.

  4. Camtec says:

    I really like the desaturation of the colors. That adds a unique quality to the photo.

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