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11 Responses to KSG

  1. Dave says:

    My next long gun purchase.

  2. Keith says:

    Oleg is showing the Kel-Tec KSG alot this year in photoes, yet…

    …for all my trips to local shops in my region I have yet to SEE A SINGLE KSG FOR SALE; if I wanted one I would have to order it or buy on the internet, which incurs additional shipping and documentation fees for FFL transfers;

    • Vlad says:

      It’s not out yet. That being said keltec has not been great about being able to keep up with the demand.

      I sold an M1A hoping to buy their 308, spent 4 months trying to hunt one down then said screw it and bought an M1A SOCOMII. I really really hope KSG won’t we vaporware and will actually be on shelves.
      They did very well with the folding 9mm and 40SW carbines.

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  4. Tango says:

    I will have one. Oh yes.

  5. Will says:

    At SHOT Show, they had projected the KSG would hit the shelves in the 4th quarter of ’11. Have not heard if production has been pushed back. So, should show up before end of year. In theory.

  6. Drang says:

    I think George Kelgren should consider licensing production of the long guns, and have KelTec stick to making the pistols. Seems like, with so many factories turning out ARs and AR clones, that market has to be getting close to saturated, but there are hordes of folks dying for an RFB, a Sub2K in whatever caliber/magazine configuration they want, or KSGs.

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