Another shooter joins the ranks

Today, my friends and I taught a new shooter. Vlad did most of the coaching. Under his expert guidance, Jackie went from never having shot pistol before to hitting bowling pins with a suppressed Walther P22 at 25 yards. She then shot a suppressed Glock G17.

She also shot integrally suppressed 10-22 (with the awesome Timney trigger courtesy of my friend Marshall) and a suppressed Keltec SU22. Clays within a hundred yards were severely menaced. At that point, Vlad fired a couple of magazines through his Glock 35 and Jackie’s senses reeled. That was so noisy!

She did shoot an AR15 and an AK74 clone under the direction of a couple of Army snipers. We ran out of daylight after that. Our trainee kept up excellent safety practices. Up until today, her whole experience with guns was assembly/disassembly of an AK47 in high school and a few shots fired in college.Video and photos coming soon.

AK74 clone with Primary Arms micro red dot on a Midwest Industries rail.

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6 Responses to Another shooter joins the ranks

  1. Boris Karnaukh says:

    And I thought AK47/AKM assemby/disassembly was purely Soviet school sport 😉

  2. the Scoundrel says:

    Add one thing to my list of things I’d like to do in Tennessee. Besides the two I mentioned, I want to help break in a new shooter. I occasionally put an offer on Craigslist to do so, but so far zero takers.

  3. ex-shooter says:

    Taking somebody shooting for their first time does not equal “another shooter joins the ranks” (or even “another shooter”).

    Related thoughts here:

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not her first time, just the first time in the US. And she has become a shooter to the extent that US law permit exchange students to do so.

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