An honorable obligation

Wedding vows are heavy on promises. Implied in them is the intent to keep the spouse safe. It’s not the promise to “protect by calling strangers to our aid” but to “cherish and protect”. The obligation is gender-neutral. A single person may choose, however foolishly, to be defenseless and unprepared. For a family member to be willfully incapable of dealing with emergencies — medical, criminal or others — is inexcusable.

It’s a little strange to me that some people would marry and then either not bother with acquiring competency or actively view the interests of violent criminals or dangerous animals (or any other potential threats) as equal or superior to the interests of the spouse. My friends usually take this obligation seriously. Witness Kit and John right after their wedding.

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9 Responses to An honorable obligation

  1. perspicuity says:

    mmm, HK91/G3 type protection 🙂

    good stuff

    • Geoff says:

      Likely a PTR-91 if I had to guess.

      I just wish I could get my CETME (the pappy to the HK G3) to run/cycle flawlessly. Not to mention I wish .308 were a little cheaper so I could practice.

      • perspicuity says:

        i love me some PTR-32, but have not had the option to get one in green yet 🙂

        shoots the cheap ammo

  2. Weston Moss says:

    I fully agree with you Oleg. Just like the quote you use on your blog: “I love that which they defend”

  3. For those keeping track: PTR-91 .308 and a Glock 19 w/ AAC Evolution supressor. Wedding veil sold separately.

    And, as always, big ‘thank you’ to official wedding photographer Oleg!

  4. T.Stahl says:

    I always considered the promise ‘I’d kill for you’ to be more important than ‘I’d die for you’.
    Because, then what? I’d be dead and the threat would still be there and you’d be without help.

  5. C. Stine says:

    I’m getten a saiga 12 gauge converted for my new home more space then the shitty trailer but that and a handgun even a sig mosquito will do perfectly fine for home defense or most encounters because most confrontations are within 2-20 feet

  6. Henry says:

    I Timothy 5:8

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