Got to see Mr. Dragon Leather on my last visit to Knoxville. Picked up a new pocket holster for PF9 with .22 conversion kit and Laserlyte laser (photos soon) — it’s so beautifully made, I wonder how I would be able to stand concealing it…

308 main gun (Vepr, again) and 45ACP backup seem like a pretty reasonable combo. Photo taken at Wolf Arms.

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4 Responses to Dennis

  1. Turk says:

    Dennis may be pretty, but EVERYONE knows Becca is the brains of the outfit….(grin)

  2. falnfenix says:


    he looks good. looks like leaving New York might have reduced his stress levels a hair.

  3. He makes beautiful holsters and he is a very nice guy too!

  4. Lanius says:

    .45 ACP is almost useless against foes in body armor, I believe. Mild steel cored 10mm auto should go through kevlar vests like they weren’t there..

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