A forward-leaning observer

Hailey on Horseback at Horse Quarters.

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6 Responses to A forward-leaning observer

  1. MAJ Mike says:

    Beautiful picture, but she needs to get her feet forward and her heels down. At the moment with her heels in the horse’s flanks, the rider is signaling the horse to plunge forward. Grip with the knees, not the calves or heels.

    • Marisa says:

      THANK YOU Mike…small details like that can turn a LOVELY photo into something almost hard to deal with because its just plain dangerous! Even a very tolerant horse who I know well! Lovely overall…but non riders really should have someone making sure they are being safe around the horses, a small mistake can end very poorly.

      • MAJ Mike says:

        Sorry. Didn’t mean to ruin the mood, but the rider’s position did sort of ruin the otherwise beautiful picture for me. Rode hunter/jumpers man year ago as teen. My father’s words echoed in my mind as I looked at the photo.

        • Wing and a Whim says:

          Hey, you made me laugh, because that’s exactly the sort of detail gun people are always griping about in other photographs – it’s a refreshing change to see horse people doing it instead, and I learn something new!

          • MAJ Mike says:

            I can make irritating comments about most anything. I kibitz fencing photos, too.

            The photos herin are always beautiful and make me want to pick up a camera. Thanks for the gentle retorts.

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