Horse face

One of the residents of Horse Quarters farm.

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6 Responses to Horse face

  1. Tango says:

    Wow! She hasn’t changed at ALL since Sex and the City!

  2. Dandapani says:

    A horse sits down at the bar. The bartender comes over and asks, “Why….

  3. docjim505 says:

    Is it some sort of genetic inheritance that most people find certain domestic animals – the dog, the horse, the cat – to be beautiful?

    • MAJ Mike says:

      Dogs have been our companions and partners since the last Ice Age. Horses have been working for us since the earliest historic times. We have a long history with them.

      Cats, however, are the vanguard of an alien space invasion and have already established themselves as masters of selected human households.

  4. guffaw says:

    Funny, doesn’t look like John Kerry…the front part, anyway.

  5. Timmeehh says:

    I see the Duchess of Cornwall got a haircut.

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