Had she starred in “Home Alone”…

…that film would have ended much sooner. We are used to viewing teenagers as vulnerable, but that’s in large part because adults have forbidden them defensive tools and bad laws designed to infantilize mature and immature teens are far more common today than even a single generation ago.

This girl is twelve and can run a 5.56 rifle with ease — and my 338Spectre AR posed no difficulty either. She’s also shown evidence of good judgment and excellent social skills. I’d rather have her on my side than some Army base guard with an unloaded Beretta M9 — because the Army also tries to infantilize their staff and contractors in peacetime, wondering in wartime why people aren’t showing enough initiative anymore.

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12 Responses to Had she starred in “Home Alone”…

  1. LarryArnold says:

    “some Army base guard with an unloaded Beretta M9”

    Like the troops that “guarded” airports immediately after 9-11 with obviously-unloaded rifles? And the disarmed soldiers murdered at Fort Hood? And the recurring initiative to restrict soldier’s possession of firearms even off-base and off-duty.

    It’s getting harder and harder to say “the profession of arms” with a straight face.

    OTOH, is EVERYONE you know photogenic?

  2. GayCynic says:

    You know, someone NEEDS to make the Home Alone or monster/slasher flick where the protagonists are a group of irritable pro-gun sorts – sort of like Tremors, but with updates…and the Burt character a bit more sympathetic…

  3. Sean says:

    It would have ended sooner but, would it have been as funny?

  4. Nope, “Home Alone” was set in Chicago, so… no matter what the laws state about teenagers… no “defensive instruments” for her, for her parents, or anybody else in the neighourhood either.

    The THIEVES, on the other hand…

  5. Gewehr98 says:

    I’m glad the Air Force let me (ordered, actually) carry my M9 loaded. Those silly Army people…

    An issued Krinkov would’ve been fun, though.

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