Almost like cheating.

Savage MKII-SR with Primary Arms 4-16x scope and Gemtech Alpine sound suppressor. Very much hearing safe. Finally zeroed it yesterday, with much running avoided by the use of the newly acquired spotting scope. 48x max magnification and clear optics meant being able to see .22 holes at a hundred yards.

From a steady position, shooting match ammo out of a very accurate rifle with parallax-adjustable optics, felt almost like cheating. Missing any target larger than a golfball would have required being pretty sloppy. Tirzah was definitely not sloppy in her aim.

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9 Responses to Almost like cheating.

  1. RandyGC says:

    If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying! 😉

  2. Stephen Lee says:

    Nice shot. Is Tirzah a lefty or ambidextrous?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      She’s ambi.

      “Now hold up both your hands,” commanded the burglar.

      The citizen had a little, pointed, brown-and-gray beard, like that of a painless dentist. He looked solid, esteemed, irritable, and disgusted. He sat up in bed and raised his right hand above his head.

      “Up with the other one,” ordered the burglar. “You might be amphibious and shoot with your left. You can count two, can’t you? Hurry up, now.””

  3. SPQR says:

    The 4-H club I coach has several MarkIIs and one of your pictures highlights the Savage’s shortcoming. You will notice the model cannot relax her neck to get a proper cheek weld and maintain sight alignment when the scope is mounted. While I am a male with rugged good looks, including but not limited to a square, masculine jaw, I can get a good cheekweld on the MarkII stock but my fiance, who appears to share a build with the model, and the girls and younger boys in my 4-H club cannot. We are using Williams target sights, which are lower than a scope, but most still struggle with it. I love the Mark II, its sub MOA out of the box, but I wish they would raise the angle on the comb of the stock.

    I want that rail for my Savage.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      I know that in centerfire rifles they make a Lady model with higher comb and different buttplate angle. I’ll have it in hand later this month for photos. Don’t know about 22s but will ask them.
      The other solution would be to add a removable cheekrest onto the stock as needed.

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  6. Stephen Lee says:

    Which mat is that, and what do you like/dislike about it? The tan mat looks like it would be much cooler than a black one on a sunny day.

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