For Sale: EOTech 551 (contact info corrected)

I am posting several items for a friend. First, EOTech 551:

  • Law Enforcement and Military Night Vision compattable Holographic Red Dot Sight 65 MOA Circle with 1 MOA Dot Reticle Matte Finnish, (MSRP – $469.00)
  • N Battery
  • comes with a GG&G quick detach mount (MSRP – $85.00)
  • Neoprene hood

It is in excellent condition and has never been used other than being mounted and unmounted from weapons. Chris is asking $525 for EOTech, hood and GG&G QD mount. Contact the seller if you want the sight.

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5 Responses to For Sale: EOTech 551 (contact info corrected)

  1. Dandapani says:

    Why the LEO designation?

  2. Paul Koning says:

    Does it mean that normal humans will go to jail for ages if they possess such a thing without the fed’s blessing? That was the rule back in the bad old magazine ban days. I think you should withdraw this article, at least until you can include an authoritative answer to that concern.

  3. Jakob says:

    Im interested in buying this, but the “contact the seller” link doesn’t work for me. How do I do?

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