Models needed around Cocoa, FL for this week.

Looking for models age 20-35, men and women, who have at least some familiarity with safe handling of firearms. The projected look would be young professionals who enjoy recreational shooting and appreciate the defensive utility of firearms as well. I did a quick look through modeling directories but didn’t find anyone who struck me as appropriate. So I looking for recommendations and volunteers.

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8 Responses to Models needed around Cocoa, FL for this week.

  1. Garrett Lee says:

    Shame I don’t live in Melbourne anymore. Oh well.

  2. precision270 says:

    The wife and I are slightly over the desired age 52 and 43 respectively, but we might be convinced. Not to mention we are in good shape and live in cocoa.

  3. Izzie says:

    I’m not a model but I’m not far from Cocoa. I think it sounds like fun

  4. My niece is interested. How would she get in touch with you? Oh and she did ask if this was a paying gig.

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  6. larry weeks says:

    Not sure how far Cocoa is from Daytona but you might contact He’s a cop, knows competition and of course duty shooting.

  7. Dayid says:

    Oleg, my wife and I would be interested – we’re both late 20s. Our daughter is just under 2 – I know that may work well for some of your styles (or she can stay with her grandmother). We are in Titusville but Cocoa is very near to us. You can reach me through my e-mail I put in the name/comments section here.

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