38 Super as a submachine gun round?

Has US adopted 38 Super as standard pistol and SMG round right before World War 2, do you think 9mm Luger would have ever gained such high popularity?

(Update: I just realized that 38 Super would have had to evolved into rimless configuration first…)

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12 Responses to 38 Super as a submachine gun round?

  1. John Bernard Books says:

    Ooooh, 38 Super is my EDC. A SMG in Super would be FABULOUS!

  2. JFM says:

    I believe that a few Thompsons were made in .38 Super.

  3. Travis Allen says:

    45 super http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.45_Super,
    HK UMP http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heckler_%26_Koch_UMP.

    That being said, I hope for a bullpup (p90 dimensionswould be perfect) with light recoil that pushes 185 grains at 2600+ FPS

  4. tad says:

    The Ingram model 6 was listed as available in 38 Super but I haven’t ever seen one.
    A semi rimmed round would not be a problem with a subgun. It works fine in a 1911.
    John Browning reportedly tried to get the army to adopt the .38 auto. But they were still not over the Colt .38 revolver round. Now we issue 9mm hardball.
    Modern 38 Super has a +P rating and would be dandy in a subgun.

  5. Ray says:

    Both the Germans and the Spanish tried something very similar (the 9MM Bergman and the 9MM Largo) both were +P class 9 MM widely used in SMG’s, but for some reason they never caught on outside there respective country’s.

  6. Stu says:

    Now if they decide to make one using my favorite cartridge in the world of Pistol Cartridges (the 9×23 Winchester). .357 Magnum power in a 1911 without having to go Coonan. Don’t get me wrong I think Coonans are awesome. Just like the ability to modify my firearms if I so choose.

    Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9%C3%9723mm_Winchester

  7. Adam Harper says:

    Baby Face Nelson and possibly John Dillinger carried a converted 1911 machine pistol.
    I have a Super .38 and it is my primary carry gun, and yes a sub gun in this round would be awesome.

  8. Ritchie says:

    Starline makes several variations of .38 Super brass, including a true rimless version.

  9. Kristophr says:

    The Model 1928 Thompson could be ordered in .38 Super, and a few were. Existing copies are hen’s teeth rare.

    AutoOrdinance also sold .38 Super Semi-Autos as well.

  10. LarryArnold says:

    Had US adopted 38 Super as standard pistol and SMG round right before World War 2, it would have supplanted the .45ACP, not the 9mm Luger. We’re talking about the 1911-A1, M-1 Thompson, and M-3 Grease Gun.

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