A windy day

Keltec RDB, Primary Arms 1-6x scope

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4 Responses to A windy day

  1. Will says:

    She missed a belt loop. That can be a real problem during the draw, if the pistol is snug in the holster.

  2. LarryArnold says:

    [reset brain]
    Sorry. This one’s nice, but for my generation “woman” + “wind” = “Marilyn”

    Gettin’ old.

  3. John Davies says:

    That’s a great shot. I have to ask, have you had any issues with your long haired models getting their hair tangled in a moving action? While not as deadly as getting it wound up in say a drill press, it would still hurt…. Your gal needs to put on a hair clip or make up a ponytail….

    John Davies
    Spokane WA USA

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