Coming all the way from Russia

Maria Butina came all the way from Russia only to pose with a Russian-made Vepr .308 rifle (though modified so heavily in the US that very few of the original parts remain).

TWS forend, dust cover, sight, SGM 25-round magazine, hydraulic stock to bring recoil down to 5.45mm level.

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4 Responses to Coming all the way from Russia

  1. EgregiousCharles says:

    It was very nice of her to come here only to pose with the rifle, the picture is much appreciated! 🙂 I hope she finds some time to enjoy other aspects of America while she visits, though.

  2. Siege of The Keep says:

    Would definitely be interested to know more about these “hydraulic” stocks, how well they work, whether there are any drawbacks, etc.

    If they actually work, I think I might be quite interested in putting one on my .308 Zastava M2010.

  3. Ray says:

    I like my AK just the way it is. Simple, reliable , tough. If you still work. THEY still work. As long as you clean it once in a while, and don’t try using it as a war club, it will keep on being what it always was; The best damn infantry carbine ever made. If people would just stop trying to turn every weapon they see into a black plastic “AR” range Barbie…… I shoot the Garand as my “go to” weapon, and don’t find the recoil at all offensive. I really don’t think anything smaller than a .338 would need a “recoil reducer” unless you plan on doing red barrel mag dumps ’till the rifle explodes.

  4. Eric says:

    Beautiful. The lady I mean. The rifle is so-so.

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