The Free State of Jones, movie review

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this film was done. Historic accuracy, near as I can judge, is pretty reasonable. Props, accents, details also seem fairly decent.

Plot: 4/5
Acting: 4/5

Both are just a little flat, but I find no actual fault with either.

Sound design: 4/5
SFX: 5/5 (other than the faces of dead by hanging being entirely too photogenic)
Visuals: 4/5 (good compositions, occasional shots with nothing in focus)
Lighting: 4/5 (realistic but a lot of spotty environmental effects)

The film is definitely engaging. Some over-simplifications of tactics,  but generally quite decent. For a mainstream movie, it’s outright amazing. The older movie Defiance, about Bielski Brothers’ guerilla band, was in the same genre, but The Free State of Jones is a much better done film. Definitely worth seeing in a theater.

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