“Shifting Ice”, a prequel to “Gods Defense” is now public.

Amie Gibbons has a new novella out, a tale of a feline shape-shifter. As usual, a bit of gunplay and libertarian mindset are in evidence, along with sexy, smart-ass characters and a well thought out world with just a bit of supernatural for good measure.

If you already know Amie’s books, please post reviews of your favorites. That helps the author visibility in searches and, in turn, motivates her to write more.

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3 Responses to “Shifting Ice”, a prequel to “Gods Defense” is now public.

  1. John Hardin says:

    …are the model’s eyes really different colors, or is that just photoshopped for the cover?

  2. Cork (Blaine) Byers says:

    Purchased. Will be my first of her writing.

  3. Gewehr98 says:

    Nothing sells books like underboob!

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