Compact camera considerations again…

This topic seems to come up regularly. With my 4/3 body now in deep infrared configuration, I have no small cameras on hand. My smallest body is Sony A7R, and it’s hefty once 55mm lens is attached. It also lacks close focus.

Olympus Pen F is stabilized and can take small lenses. The size and weight saving seems not all that great, and I am not really eager to drop $1500 for it and 20/1.7 or similar.

Nikon 1 V3 is likewise a small gain in weight and size, a big loss in sensor detail and about $60 with 18.5mm (50e) lens.

I don’t like using my cell phone for photos. It’s very hard to hold steady, and the image quality isn’t great. I looked at the available options, Fuji X100T might work, again with minimal dimensional weight. I am open to suggestions. The must have features are:

  • 1″ or larger sensor
  • 35e or longer lens
  • Fast lens (1.8 for 1″ sensor or 4/3, 2.8 for APS-C)
  • Close focus (at least 1:5 magnification)
  • Ideally, a protected viewfinder
  • Ideally, would fit a pocket of my slacks or a small belt pouch

Am I seeking a unicorn, or such items actually exist?

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6 Responses to Compact camera considerations again…

  1. Gene says:

    Olympus P5 and Lumix GX85 is stabilized, for example. It’s two times cheaper than Pen F. Lumix GM1 or GM5 is pocketable, but no IBIS.

  2. Timothy says:

    Since you already have m4/3s lenses, have you considered other Olympus cameras.
    Olympus has reconditioned Em-5 Mark II cameras for $800. For a little less you can get the Em-10 Mark II.
    Since you have a Sony e-mount and lenses, you could also look at the a6000 or a6300. I love my a6000.
    All of the above can offer most, if not all, of the features you want.

  3. 1″ Sensor? 35mm Full Frame for the k-buck price range?

    I must have gone the wrong way with sticking with the Canon system. Nothing full frame is even twice that.

  4. Yardbird says:

    One of my Olympus cameras failed after a year. I returned it to Olympus who said that it wasn’t worth fixing because there was corrosion on contacts. Corrosion shouldn’t be a problem and I’ll Paso Texas. I am really disappointed

  5. staghounds says:

    I like my Sony.

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