Worlds Rimfire Steel Challenge 2016

The first edits. I’ll post details and more images later.

Alexis with Volquartsen Scorpion and Leupold Deltapoint.

Another Scorpion in Chase’s hands.

Aimee’s 2245 modified by Tandemkross, with Vortex Razor.

TacSol X-Ring with another Razor.

CZ 75 Kadet.

Cole runs another Scorpion, this one with a CMore.

Matheu runs another 2245 Lite worked over by Tandemkross.

Mylee┬áruns a “limited” 2245, without a compensator or an optic.

Allie Cat with her Scorpion.

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1 Response to Worlds Rimfire Steel Challenge 2016

  1. Lyle says:

    Nice pics! I love that fire cone in front of Mylee’s 2245.

    On a side note; I bet you could calculate the velocity of the shock wave at that instant by the angle of the cone.

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