Post-ap done with more realism?

The only obviously missing aspect is some backpack for carrying useful sundries.

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7 Responses to Post-ap done with more realism?

  1. Merle says:

    That old timer sure has nice wood on it!


  2. The Neon Madman says:

    Odd skin tone on her face and neck?

  3. polvoso says:

    colloidal silver?

  4. Ray says:

    Makeup I think. If she were a “blue person”(its a known genetic mutation) her arms and hands would be blue. Same with silver. Nice French antique rifle. I’d love to se the condition of the S&W top break in her pouch.

  5. Dick Summers says:

    Chatelerault Model 16 rifle, 8mm Lebel.

  6. Klaus says:

    Not to nit pic on a very interesting photo but the brass D’s should have been all aligned on her faux corset like costume,looks off. That Lebel looks pristine though.

  7. dittybopper says:

    It’s my contention that if you really, really think things are going to go all apocalyptic, they kind of gun you want is a flintlock. The only consumables are the flint, the powder, and the projectiles. You can make your own flints from things you wouldn’t expect, like the porcelain from an old toilet bowl, if you don’t have a ready supply of flint. Powder can be made easily enough in small batches, the only hard thing to get is sulfur, but it’s available at garden shops for the taking in an apocalyptic situation as it won’t really be looted (you can’t eat it). And of course there is metal available for bullets, though pure lead is relatively hard to find.

    But the real advantage of a flintlock is, even if the lock breaks, you can always use it like a matchlock or hand gonne.

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