What rifle ammunition for fat polar fox?

“Fat polar fox” is a Russian euphemism of a euphemism of a rude expression for a persistent catastrophic situation. Things get bad and stay that way. A prudent person’s preparation list includes some weapons and training with it. Let’s say yours is chambered in 7.62×39, a very Russian answer to trouble. What ammunition to pick?

Steel-cased non-corrosive Russian ammunition of recent production, ideally hunting soft points, are a common and functional choice. This will run fine in AK, vz58, ARAK21, MM10x and (some) AR15 rifles. Accuracy is unimpressive, ranging from 3 to 8MOA.

In my experience, Federal Fusion is remarkably accurate (down to 1.25MOA) and provides good terminal performance even out of short barrels. Hornady SST is equally accurate, and provides almost as good a terminal result. PPU soft points provide a good terminal result but not the same accuracy.

In my tests, G2 Ripout loaded with Trident ( Maker Bullet projectile) came out as the top performer in this caliber. It’s accurate down to 1MOA and combines drastic expansion with good penetration.

While it’s expensive to replace an entire 5-6 magazine load-out with premium ammunition, I would look into getting at least a couple of mags worth, plus enough to zero for this load and to function test it. While AK rifles aren’t the most precise weapons, and shooting under stress isn’t the most accurate activity either, why not stack the deck just a little with better-performing ammo? Besides self-defense, the same weapon might be used for medium game like deer…and you wouldn’t want to have to track it for a mile past concerned neighbors.

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4 Responses to What rifle ammunition for fat polar fox?

  1. Ray says:

    Any M-68 load for the 7.62X39 is an excellent man killer. All the hollow point wolf and “other ” Russian loads work pretty well too. When used in it’s intended 400 meter or less envelope the AKM and its fixed stock variant’s are far more accurate and deadly than the AR -15 fan boys want anyone to believe. IMO: the AK is simply the best military infantry arm ever built, and my first(second third and forth) choice for a carbine class weapon to defend myself and my family. I still love my Garand. But not even the M-1 has the ruggedness of the AK. AND: Contrary to popular belief the SKS is a damn good weapon IF no one has buggered it up with crapco parts trying to turn it into a hillbilly A-SALT -GUN

  2. anonymous says:

    And remember, you aren’t required to shoot the better ammunition in a semi-automatic design with mushy trigger in 1st place. The CZ 7.62×39 carbine in same round has features that promote accuracy, including a set trigger function for more precise shots. Not a heavy rifle at all, but a handy ‘Scout’ bolt action gun that travels well in the thick woods.

    As far as the AK goes, keeping a few low capacity 10 round magazines might be worthwhile. Easy to find in your magazine pouch, replacing the hi-cap quickly. It isn’t very likely you would need 20 or more accurate rounds all at once.

    • Ray says:

      Perfection is the enemy of good enough. If my carbine will deliver a clean kill with the first shot. The group size means less than nothing. We waste too much time obsessing over magazine capacity, group size and how “tacticool” things look. My one and only concern is: Does it do the job. If the answer is yes. All the rest is babble. The only thing that firearms are or ever were is TOOLS. Nothing more or less. If they work as intended ………..——–Ray

  3. Ray says:

    Oleg, What is the best optic and mount for a Russian built AKM? It’s ether that or Tritium sights.

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