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Felony by inaction.

The original definition of felony was “a serious crime punishable by over a year in prison”. In theory, felonies are actively committed. Prison or death are supposed to be reasonable punishments for misdeeds wilfully perpetrated. Two problems arise in practice. … Continue reading

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Paleolithic Britain

The recent terrorist event in the zoo previously known as Great Britain illustrated the unfortunate decline of that people. On the one hand, brave residents went after the perpetrator of violence with all available tools. On the other, the sole … Continue reading

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Three CMMG Rifles: new on CTD Blog

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Gentleman Jack

One of my favorite recent portraits from Dragoncon. The young lady playing this character is also a talented costume designer.

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Philosopher’s Bullet.

Amusing myself with writing vignettes. Here’s one. Constructive criticism is welcome. ———————————————————- Philosopher’s Bullet. “We can try to fight our way out with just swords in hand and die. Sixty eight men, even in better armor than the savages, won’t get … Continue reading

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Chapa, the new kitten.

After Gremlin died, I felt widowed. A few weeks later, a model from eight years ago reached out to me to offer “Drifter”, a little abandoned kitten found by her friend and bottle-fed by Kirsten.

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A Real Hot Rod caption contest

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Before Olympic air guns — Zimmerstutzen: new on AllOutdoor

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Another review posted.

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A suspicious child

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Tippmann M4-22 review

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Linda Carbine: new on Shooting Illustrated

Wilkinson Arms Linda

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M+M 10x review: new in Shooting Illustrated

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Bio-political musings

Much of the political process can be likened to auto-immune disorders: segments of the body politic hijacking the defensive organs of the society, such as police, to attack other elements of the body. In that way, a small and relatively … Continue reading

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Differences of detail level

I just tried comparing a full-frame 43MP Sony A7R3 and 135/1.8 Sigma lens bought for $1200 to a 16MP micro 4/3 Panasonic GM5 with an adapted FED 50/2.8 lens (E26m) obtained at a used book store for $4. Sony wins … Continue reading

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More SHOT Show finds

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The reader

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The problem with socialism

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