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SIG Spartan’s Little Brother: new on AllOutdoor

.177 caliber trainer for the .45

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Gothic piratical?

Writer Monalisa Foster with a rare .34 caliber percussion revolver.  A friend of mine is selling it (as is, the lockwork isn’t right) — let me know if interested.

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How and Why.

Martial skills aren’t very good without the underlying ethics. Teach the “why” along with the “how”. Project Appleseed does a good job, but the bulk of the task falls to the parents.

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UTAS XTR12 shotgun

XTR12 is essentially an AR10 in 12ga. Currently, it takes 5 or 10 round box magazines, but 15/20/25 round drums are coming. This photo is an outtake from the upcoming Small Arms Review article detailing my experience with this gun.

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A lady with a 1911

Writer Monalisa Foster with her .45 Sig Spartan. Professional make-up by Paula Petry.

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Shepherding citizens

“If you aren’t paying for a service, then you are the product and not the customer.” On the national scale, this concept came in widely with Bismark’s welfare state. Prior to the 1870s, less numerous rich families usually had more … Continue reading

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Winchester 1886 Rifle in 45-70 and 450Marlin. HTA convertible 10-22 magazine  

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Season’s Greetings?

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First Halloween snapshots

A well-hung dinosaur with friends. Jello shot. Bunny hostess. Zombie schoolgirl. Harambe? Jizsaw

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A maquisard and his nemesis.

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Amie’s book series just got extended for Halloween

Book 4 in a paranormal mysteries series. Check it out!

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Gunstock color has no effect on the bullet velocity.

Savage Rascal .22 rifle, Vortex 2-7x rimfire scope. It’s the same optic I use on a Marlin 60.

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This is my (first) safety!

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The beards of Big 3 East trade show

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Happy face

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vz58 Liberty model in Dillon Blue Press

My review of the clip-fed California/New York version of vz58 is up at Dillon Blue Press, page 48.

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Grand Power Xtrim is the rimfire clone of the 9×19 Xcalibur. Since I am just one Dragon Leatherworks holster short of carrying the Xcalibur, this one helps to stay in practice.

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Halloween portrait

My favorite realtor, incidentally.

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Father and daughter

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My photos in Tactical Life

Arsenal SAM7R review

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