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The utility of armor

Getting hit isn’t fun even with hard armor on, but trauma pads spread the impact widely enough to avoid most injury.  Definitely beats being able to see daylight through your own torso.

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Weight is a relative concept

I am playing with new plates in an old carrier. Trying to decide between it, older Dyneema plates backed with soft armor and just going with pistol/buckshot-rated vest. Thoughts?

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I really like vz58 in .223

While 7.62×39 version is cute, tiny and pretty punchy, the .223 is more of an all-around fighting rifle. Using the same barrel blank as the 7.62, the 5.56mm version is more accurate, heats up slower and has less recoil. In … Continue reading

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Snapshots of a sharp, pointy thing

Skallywag Tactical

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Steel target sweepstakes

My friend Brad at Challenge Targets is giving away one of his neatest targets, a stake clanger. As the picture below shows, it’s very simple and robust. Takes about a minute to assemble, and only a few seconds to install … Continue reading

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Reactive steel targets: a shout-out for a friend

My friend Brad is running a sweepstakes for a reactive steel target system. The stands can be adjusted to fall from a single shot or require multiple hits. “Live” area can also be adjusted by varying the plate size and … Continue reading

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Ceska zbrojovka, the classics.

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Sometimes simple solutions work very well

458 SOCOM loads by Carson Specialty Development are plain cast lead, loaded either full strength for hunting or 10% under for plinking. The advantage over jacketed or machined alloy loads is the price, some 40% lower. Ballistics match 45-70 Govt. … Continue reading

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