Keeping powder dry

As expected, firing flintlocks in a drizzle isn’t a very productive activity. Many misfires.

Last year’s visit to Boston also reminded me that Massachusetts’ gun laws have become significantly more oppressive since 1775. The much-maligned British Crown cared less about the colonials’ carry of pistols or muskets than the current state government cares about denying its subjects the ability to protect themselves.

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6 Responses to Keeping powder dry

  1. Ewan says:

    Looks amazing!..

  2. David says:

    It was fun playing with that musket, and it was indeed raining!

  3. Tony Lekas says:

    The lower photo is great! Good timing catching the long line of flame within the smoke.

    MA gun laws are terrible. I live in NH on the MA border. If my MA LTC is not current, I happen to cross the border with a firearm, loaded or not, and it becomes known to the police, then I go to prison for no more than 5 years and no less than 18 months. That 18 months is non discretionary and cannot be reduced by anything. For example parole, good behavior, etc. One way it could become known is by getting involved in a traffic accident that results in me being transported by an ambulance.

    Getting a MA LTC is very difficult and expensive. Due to their slow processing of renewals mine will probably be expired for about 6 weeks before the renewal is done. (Not that I should need one.)

  4. TJIC says:

    >Getting a MA LTC is very difficult and expensive.

    …and can be yanked by the Chief as punishment for political opinions.

    …I have learned.

  5. Jenny says:

    … at least they don’t issue writs of assistance or the like for the express purpose of bypassing the 4A.

    and nice pictures!
    Did the powder in the pan get too damp to fire just in the time from loading to presenting? Or did it take a while?

  6. Murphy's Law says:

    Excellent pictures…and I’m glad you finally found a firearm that David could not break. 😉

    Was good to meet you when you were here. Hope to see you again soon.

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