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Coonan autopistol receiver

A photo from my last factory visit. Coonan

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Pearl string bikini (nsfw)

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An actual Moire pattern!

Here’s something I don’t see often, a Moire pattern on clothing. The preview shows it a little, click to enlarge for a really bad case. No more of this shirt for photo shoots!

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Gremlin latches onto a new person

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Composition in sepia

Rifle | pistol | holster

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Old photos, new edits (now with pictures showing)

A year and a half ago, I took photos which then sat unused because I wasn’t sure how to edit them. Finally had an idea, so here they are. (Server migration didn’t go smoothly, but it’s all good now.) Don’t … Continue reading

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In her own costume

Fashion designer Leah D’Andrea Может она реальный прототип “белых колготок“?

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Will certain amateur features become professional?

Professionals thrive on feedback. An amateur can shoot at a deer and know he hit the right spot if that deer falls down. If the scope is zeroed right and the amount of compensation was correct, if the rifle has … Continue reading

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A salvaged photo

Did a test photo with a model who just couldn’t interact with the camera. Since she wants to do runway, she might get away without acting ability. I try to provide at least one usable image per photo session no … Continue reading

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