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It fits anywhere.

The reason so many news accounts of self-defense mention pocket-sized pistols is their convenience. A .45 would be better than a .380 but the latter gets carried more, especially by people who don’t dress around the gun. A picket holster … Continue reading

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First time at the range.

Two grocery bags ware put on a stick and rotated freely in the wind. As a result, they got hit from all sides with several .22 and .32 pistols. Revolvers didn’t work out — double action triggers were too heavy … Continue reading

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Beautiful for Bersa

Flatjack holster for Bersa 380, again by Dennis of Dragon Leather Works.

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One way to rejuvinate an old weapon

A friend brought in his truck gun today. When it entered the studio, the magazine was full of ball, upon exit of modern defense ammunition. It may be a small change, just better terminal performance and less muzzle flash, but … Continue reading

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Taurus TCP738 with Crimson Trace laser in a Dragon Leather holster

I am not a fan of driving long distances by myself. So the opportunity to ride to the NRA show with my friend Dennis Badurina was eagerly seized. He brought several of his holsters along and one of them caught … Continue reading

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Custom Kydex

This small of the back holster was designed by my friend Chris back when he worked as an Air Marshal. He specializes in deep concealment holster, mag pouches and knife sheaths. All his holsters are truly custom, made to your … Continue reading

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Another Laserlyte, this time on P3AT

This photo was taken of the pistol as it sat on my desk. Then Alany cleaned it and I photographed it again. What a difference elbow grease and attention to detail make! P3AT | Laserlyte | Alany

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Slower on her feet, no slower on the draw.

Given the typical attraction of predators to injured prey, contingency planning is prudent. P3AT | IWB Bladetech holster

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A very nice birthday gift

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Bersa .380 holster

Yet another holster by Erik Srigley.

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Various Kel-tec P3AT holsters

Adams’ pocket holster looks pretty good for having been worn for a year! Galco | Adams | Hornady | Keltec I will post more P3AT holster photos this weekend. I am beginning to suspect that holsters and women’s shoes have … Continue reading

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