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MPD blog updated

I see new images on My Plausible Deniability.

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Another photography blog

Mostly images of people, might be of interest to some of my readers.

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The dirty air of yesteryear

It’s hard to make¬†photographic masterpieces like those of Fan Ho. Besides the amazing eye he had for composition and light, three technical factors gave his images the characteristic glow. Two of them: imperfect lens coatings and orthochromatic film are easy … Continue reading

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Oil painting filter in Photoshop CC 2015

I need oil painting filter for a project. I have CS5 and CS2015 installed. The filter seems exclusive to CS6. Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem? Thanks!

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Vintage “Terrorist Alert” posters

A friend is selling off a small number of vintage posters that he designed during the 1980s. These posters are inexpensive (three for $13 shipped!) and their message is pretty sensible. Take a look.

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“War to the Knife”

New book by my friend Peter is out…with my cover design.

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Forget guns, just learn karate! Right?

One of the most famous martial arts, karate, evolved on Japanese-occupied Okinawa. While the current sport version concentrates on the empty hand style, the original used a variety of improvised weapons. They weren’t as good as swords or spears, but … Continue reading

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Any idea what this painting by Dean Cornwall shows?

Saw it today in Orlando. Seems to show a Mauser or a 1903 used with round nose bullets, and a pistol with no rear light and hammer down, held by a man who is OK with losing an eye to … Continue reading

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Another custom pen by Brian

A couple of weeks ago, Brian Evichin gave me a hand-made pen. I finally had the time to post photos of it. The cap is magnetic and snaps on to either end of the pen. It’s truly a gift fit … Continue reading

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