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Assorted bullpups

The main appeal of bullpups: balance! K&M17 in .308 (prototype). IWI Tavor 5.56mm. Keltec RFB .308 with AAC 762SDN-6 sound suppressor.  

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Father-daughter, sniper-spotter.

The optic is a 6-24x Lucid L5 mounted on a QD mount meant for an AR15. As a results, it sits too high but worked well enough for practicing field positions. The young lady is 15 and a three-gun competitor … Continue reading

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Coonan .357 Compact

Regular 5″ Coonan autopistol may be concussive and flashy, but it’s a bit large for a small-framed person to wear daily. This compact 4″ version is even louder, brighter in the muzzle flash — and delivers a nice .357Mag punch.

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Two new articles on AllOutdoor

Sure Strike Laser Training Ammo Keltec CMR30 Carbine

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Henry Golden Boy

Accurate and reliable, this rifle really grew on me…and the same thing happened to Sarah. she loves her little lever action.

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What I like about the upcoming Keltec RDB

Bottom ejection is left and right hand compatible. Felt recoil is extremely low without a compensator — which makes me really wonder about the concussive muzzle brake installed on this demo gun. Great trigger, reversible charging handle, excellent accuracy. 1-6x … Continue reading

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SCAR-H with Gemtech muzzle blast mitigation shield, Aimpoint T1, Inforce light. Camo by Kryptek.

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Flashy ammo

PMC rifle ammunition is pretty flashy to begin with. This picture shows shot three or four in a sequence of rapid fire. By then, the build-up of hot gas and unburned powder particles caused a brighter muzzle flame than before. The … Continue reading

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A hypothetical situation for pro-life people

If you were under attack by a pregnant woman and had to choose between dying or using deadly force in self-defense, which would you choose? If you would choose self-defense, how do you reconcile harming the fetus to save your … Continue reading

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Varminting in Idaho

PWS Mk.1 in 300Blackout, with Gemtech can and Aimpoint T1 microdot. Good on coyotes out to about 300m.

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Inland M1 carbines back in production.

Inland Manufacturing is once again making M1 carbines done right: ladder sights with proper detents, round bolts, good reliability and accuracy. Had a fun shoot with them. They even fed Hornady red tip defense ammo which my own carbine won’t … Continue reading

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Unwinding between bouts of work

My tech support is in town. Ingram 45ACp submachine gun with a home-made (properly tax stamped) Scionics-type silencer. No usable sights (needs a red dot) but can be point shot fairly well out to 35-40 yards.

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I really like vz58 in .223

While 7.62×39 version is cute, tiny and pretty punchy, the .223 is more of an all-around fighting rifle. Using the same barrel blank as the 7.62, the 5.56mm version is more accurate, heats up slower and has less recoil. In … Continue reading

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Rapid fire

Steve from is running his AR. PWS FSC muzzle brake is loud but effective. The scope is Weaver 1.5-6x. I shot this rifle today as well, it worked as well off-hand as supported.

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Paging Wilhelm Tell!

I had a great time at the range today with several friends. More photos after I get my new computer installed on Saturday.

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Where to get a power adapter from Swedish to American outlet?

I have a Swedish visitor here and she needs to plug in her laptop. All my web searches turn out the reverse (US–>Sweden) of what I need. Suggestions, please?

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Boise get-together, Saturday 11th

Meet old friends and make new acquaintances this Saturday at Rembrandt’s coffee house in Eagle, ID. The get-together begins at 10am and will likely go until 1pm or so.

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Crosman MAR177 upper for AR-15: new on AllOutdoor

Training for accuracy with a .177 pre-charged air gun.

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Need help with coordinating a project in Boise, ID

The location at which I was set to do photos, video and some live fire just became unavailable. Neither of my two local coordinators have been reachable in several days, so I need to come up with plan B by … Continue reading

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Roll call: Boise, Idaho

I will be there next week for a photo shoot with Gemtech, PWS, Lucid, Keltec and other companies. A couple of my models are coming in from California and Minnesota. I’d like to know who is in the area — … Continue reading

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