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Another Look at the Henry AR7: new on AllOutdoor

Is the survival rifle design suitable for the stated role?

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Is 7.62×25 appropriate for self-defense? New on AllOutdoor

Examining the ballistic performance of high-velocity hollow point ammunition.

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Help a friend: fundraiser for a getaway from an abusive spouse

I’ve followed the development of this mess for a couple of years now. A former competitive air gun shooter,  Stacey modeled for several of my RKBA posters, and I got to hear a bit about her situation. My advice was … Continue reading

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Taurus Curve addendum

After Michelle’s article, I wanted to make my own decision regarding this design. Had a chance to shoot it at the range today. Felt recoil isn’t bad. It’s there but not painful and doesn’t interfere with retention of the gun. … Continue reading

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Film reviews

Kenau (2014), about an apocryphal hero of the real siege of Haarlem in 1572-73. Excellent visuals, good actors but spotty screenplay which comes across as genuine some of the time and as a farce at intervals. Just a slight tinge of … Continue reading

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Process over results.

Shooting film is a lot like shooting a flintlock: slow, inefficient and best left to those who enjoy the process more than they value the results. Even if used with modern film, these cameras provide no instant feedback and no … Continue reading

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