A parent’s duty to safeguard her child doesn’t stop at birth.

(Four years ago.)

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Rhonda Ezell

One of the heroes of the RKBA movement.

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Canik TP9sfx

The longslide version of the TP9 seems to do well in controlled rapid fire. DJ Petrou is pretty fast with the mag changes, too. A full review is coming soon.

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What’s the purpose of the slide vents?

Canik, Walther, Grand Power, other race guns, all have these openings.My first guess was lightening the slide to keep its mass the same as an shorter models. Wouldn’t just thinning the slide achieve the same purpose without creating new paths for dust and sand to enter the gun?

Second guess, for venting heat from the barrel. Just how necessary is that for competition shooting?

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Sarah is back.

Nikita was unavailable, she had to fill in.

(The revolver is a Czechpoint .357, and the stylish hat is from Henschel.)

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Jeff Quinn

Jeff of the fame.

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Alfa Proj revolvers: new on AllOutdoor

An economical alternative to top brands.

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How much difference do product photos make?

Earlier today, a friend showed me his Belgian-made Browning Hi-Power. He mentioned that it was on the chopping block to raise funds for his business, but I could do photos of it while he still had it. Having looked at his photos, I just had to take my own. These were done very quickly, while I ducked out of the party to the studio.

So I am curious if better photos will help him find a new home for this pistol.


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Jard J67

New J67 review by Jay Langston with my photos.

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In visible light.

In infrared.

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“You can’t fight the City Hall!” Perhaps, but…

The state, be it the USSR, the Third Reich, The Peoples Republic of Trashcanistan, or the United State of America, can generally defeat a lone dissenter. The only difference between the dissenter being armed or not is the amount of effort and the resources required. That logistical load doesn’t scale well past a certain point. The British Empire found that out in Ireland around 1920 — they could have held onto the island by force, but at greater cost than the place was worth to them.

A single dissident can be escorted to jail under a mere threat of force. One with a rifle might fall to a SWAT team or surrender. It’s possible to scale up the force and use self-propelled cannon and an infantry section to take down a dozen dissenters, but that tends to spread the misery too widely for the rest of the  population to support. And a few hundred thousand people who have the same goal, perhaps something as unambitious as being left unmolested, and are willing and able to resist…they might be left alone in favor of an easier target.

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Lacey’s new rifle

Lacey is a singer and a song writer. She’s now also a competitive shooter. Here’s her new rifle, built with some assistance from UM Tactical.

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Zany Valkyrie

You can see more about this curious device at Forgotten Weapons.

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The Foe that Just Won’t Fall: new on AllOutdoor

Jedburg Targets

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Range photos

All that swirling gas illustrates why it’s prudent to wear safety glasses. Images taken at Royal Range in Brentwood, TN. Both suppressors are made by Aklys Defense.

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Laserlyte snubbie trainer: new on AllOutdoor

A good way to improve trigger control with a small revolver.

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Independence Day snapshots

Fireworks and food.

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If you missed Libertycon ’17…

…you don’t have to miss on the show special from Amie:

Get signed books AND unique show swag.

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New York Reload

“New York Reload” describes drawing a second gun in preference to reloading the first under fire. While tshirts describing the concept are available, the practice itself isn’t. NYC remains one of the most restrictive jurisdictions in regards to carry or mere ownership of guns, possibly more restrictive than the UK.

Back in traditional America, that practice is alive and well.

Albert, the pistolero pictured, is a great fan of “cowboy logistics”, using the same cartridge for both handgun and carbine. Between the 9+1 of the .357 Timberwolf pump and the additional six of the Ruger GP100, he’s decently equipped to deal with most raptor and xenomorph infestations.  Quite a few shoots like this concept.

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Steyr and Lace

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