Black umbrella

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Henry Long Ranger

Lever action in .243Win (also .223 and .308). Feeds from 4-round box magazines. I saw no point in duplicating numerous .223s I already have, and .243 kicks a lot less than the other option.

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Keystone 722 Youth

Since so many of my friends and models are petite, I have a special fondness for youth guns. And having them on hand, I have an excuse to shoot them myself. This model 722 rimfire carbine is one of my favorites. Great present for a teen or an adult.

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Film Review: Rebellion

Five-part mini-series about the Easter Uprising of 1916 in Ireland. I looked it up because the director just completed The Unknown Soldier about the 1944 Continuation War. Rebellion suggests that the movie will be worth watching.

Plot 5/5
Visuals 4/5 (weak special effects)
Acting 5/5, pretty uniformly strong crew
Audio 4/5
Camera work 5/5

Usually, I like diverse camera angles and magnifications. This series used almost entirely medium shots with the camera being a virtual bystander to the action. The immersive effect was excellent. Compared to the more cinematic Michael Collins, Rebellion came across as more real and documentary-flavored. Excellent secondary actors, with one exception (one of the British officers). This series in on Netflix. I have not found a source for Unknown Soldier yet.

The accents of all participants seemed rather Americanized. Some of the minor interactions between characters a bit too full of pathos. The total effect, however, was quite riveting.

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A stable position for firing Henry AR7

One of several ways to stabilize this rifle.

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Musings on Irish independence

Ireland lost 49,000 dead in WW1. Compared to that, combined revolution and civil war casualties in the 4-6 thousand range seem like a small price to pay for staying out of WW2 on either side. While Ireland seems no better and often worse than the UK in social policies, they are at least going to hell by a path of their own instead of by the formerly great Britain’s whims.

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Updating a suppressed .22 rifle.

My AAC Cloak with 4x Leupold received functional and cosmetic upgrades. Boyd’s At-One stock and matching Cerakote by Fighting Sheepdog.

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Quiet contemplation

vz58 Classic, the newer version with 16″ threaded Lothar Walther barrel.

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Flapper with a Remington #6 rolling block rifle

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Short fuse.

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My favorite photo of Michael Meador

And this renews my inquiry: why don’t professional DSLR cameras have fully articulated LCD viewfinders like entry level camera?

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Just people passing by

Seen while walking around Downtown Nashville.

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A classic Russian-made camera support

RPD seems so worthless as a light machine gun due to heavy recoil, it might actually be more useful as an improvised camera support. How the guy who designed lightly recoiling DP27 in 7.62x54R managed to make a 7.62×39 weapon with such jarring kick, I have no idea. I’ve shot two samples so far, didn’t fire over ten rounds form either. This was on the lowest gas setting, too.

To be fair, it can probably be fixed with the changing of the gas regulator to one with smaller openings.

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Hero Pioneers, as real as Rambo?

Growing up in the USSR, I was raised on the conventional WW2 propaganda which included lots of “hero pioneers” as example. Soviet pioneers were an organization loosely based on Boy Scouts but more analogous to Hitlerjugend in its ultimate form. Most kids aged 10 to 15 were a part of it. The kid below was supposedly 15 (the actual existence of characters written out by the Soviets tended to be as uncertain as those from Minitrue of “1984”), but drawn much younger. The propaganda effort worked just fine, if my perception of it back then was any indication.

When I first saw MP40 and PPSh submachine guns in museums, I started wondering about all the images which depicted underfed 10 year old kids handling full size weapons. As the photo of my friend’s 11 year old daughter shows, that was only sometimes possible. Both the MP40 and the PPSh — 9.5 to 10 lbs loaded — too heavy and long in the stock for her to fire effectively.

Czech vz58, though more powerful, actually has a shorter stock and weighs less than the open bolt submachine guns of WW2. My friend’s 10 year old could run it easily, but he’s also been shooting since age 3, unlike the kids from the USSR.

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I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but other people have.

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A Magazine That’s a Clip, Too: new on AllOutdoor

HC3R clip-loaded magazine for 10-22.

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Jard J68: new in Dillon Blue Press

J68 on page 36 of the PDF.

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SIG Spartan’s Little Brother: new on AllOutdoor

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Gothic piratical?

Writer Monalisa Foster with a rare .34 caliber percussion revolver.  A friend of mine is selling it (as is, the lockwork isn’t right) — let me know if interested.

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