Pretty in headlights

The light nearest to the camera formed catchlights in an odd way, making the expression look more stressed than relaxed.

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A pointed argument.

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Present danger in Washington state

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12 weeks pregnant

An early term maternity photo made for a friend.

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Modernized FAMAS: new on AllOutdoor

French Army patrols upgrade the old “Bugle”.

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Who says models don’t eat?

From a break during a photo shoot with cosplayer Domi.

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Is this how UK views the US?

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Flower (1920x1080px wallpaper)

If you need a larger image, let me know.

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My cat’s self-image.

My psycho furbie Gremlin thinks he’s the top creature of the neighborhood. Occasionally, reality bites him as a reminder of other opinions.

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CJ (10) and Shyanne (13) are what’s right with American youth. Smart, personable and more independent than many adults, they are my allies for winning the future from the authoritarian busybodies.


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New book by Amie: Psychic Spiral (of Death)

For the fans of Amie’s “The SDF Paranormal Mysteries” series can now enjoy book 5, Psychic Spiral (of Death). It’s a cozy mystery book with bits of ethical and political commentary thrown in. Amie’s wordcraft keeps improving so, if you liked the first book in that series, you will like the newer titles even better.

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“All men are created equal”

Watching rather diverse outcomes between even identical twins, much less non-identical siblings, suggests that the genetic component is a rather strong contributor. While equality before the law is essential, any expectations of equal achievement are bound to be frustrated. Further, even defining “equal achievement” is impossible: is a welder better or worse off than a bus driver or a music teacher? Is a person raising one well adjusted kid better off than another raising three less well adjusted kids? Are two identical twins in identical jobs and relationships truly equal if one of them is happy and the other isn’t? And, should perfect equality of outcome become possible, how would such a heterogeneous population survive any changes in the environment?

Equality of opportunity is likewise a fiction. If all are offered math instruction and only some succeed at first, then all kinds of science classes are beyond the grasp of the laggards. The same is true with artistic and communication ability: further opportunities are neither tenable nor hold much interest for the unequipped. Remedial courses are an option, but they take from the finite time available for learning skills of greater interest.  Lastly, nobody should be obligated to teach a student whose fondest dream is harming the teacher  or the other students rather than absorbing the lessons.

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One and a half seconds

A second and a half from rest to first shot is considered a reasonably quick draw from concealment. Two is a bit slow. How slow is waiting for cops to show up after either bystander call them or you — if you survive an attack in any shape to call them and still have your cell phone…or wait, the muggers took it…so after you find somebody to call for you?

Pistol deployment isn’t rocket science. It can be learned quicker than any other kind of  martial art. Carrying a handgun is no harder than carrying a cell phone — pistols are usually slightly heavier but also less fragile.

People who had been attacked, beaten, raped or robbed when defenseless by choice or by law often have PTSD. I have yet to see emotional regret or flashbacks in a person who successfully rebuffed a criminal attack with gunfire or other means. Every one of them viewed past experience with attempted victimization as resolved in a satisfactory manner. By contrast, people who had been and remain disarmed by law, usually relive the past as part of the worry about similar threats in the future.

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Find inner peace.

Details: Keystone 722 Youth rimfire carbine, Riton 2-7x scope with 22LR BDC reticle, Hunter HD Gold glasses for better contrast, CCI ammunition.

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Tree-hugging for stability

Half-pint Sharps, 44-40

I forget what rifle this is…I think M700 in 5.56mm with a Magpul stock and Geissele trigger.

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Waiting for the predator.

Certain creatures like my friend’s fowl as food. Certain friends prefer those creatures as pelts. Frontier model 22WMR with a 24″ barrel works well for the task.


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A quiet parking lot in the woods

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Endorsement: Carol M. Swain for Nashville Mayor

She comes endorsed by several figures I consider credible, like Dinesh D’Souza. Her endorsement of Walter Williams as an authority is also telling. Unlike the other candidates, she has a track record of opposing tax increases. She’s also against gun control.

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Technology isn’t the devil.

Until 1994, any teen in America could buy a 30-round magazine, in person or by mail. From 1957 to 1968, they could buy an AR15 to go with it, mail order if they so wished. After 1968, they would have to be at least 18 and buy it in person…still, plenty of teens and young adults had them with few problems. Sure, mass shootings could happen…with 3-shot hunting rifles wielded by much older people, who in turn were suppressed by lawful college students with personal rifles.

Once “gun free zones” guaranteed disarmed prey to psychopaths, and mass media guaranteed fame, the incentives for attacking vulnerable segments of the population were in place. The results have been as predictable as they are unnecessary. Compare the experience of home schools, where the mentors and a high percentage of the students are armed…yet no mass shootings occur. Factors other than access to hundred year old technology are at work here.

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We lost another good man.

R Lee Ermey.

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