Vicious enforcement of arbitrary laws.

The utterly illogical and pointless nature of the US gun laws can be illustrated with this simple example. Let’s take a gun owner who has an AR15 rifle.

An ordinary carbine with a 16 inch barrel.

Since barrels are available in different lengths, the owner pays a $200 excise tax to the BATF, waits 6-12 months and finally gets permission to use a barrel shorter than 16 inches. Here’s how a 14.5″ barrel looks on a rifle. The difference of 1.5″ inches is legally significant, though it makes only a minor impact on the actual performance and handling.

With the overall length of the rifle around 35 inches, 1.5 inch difference is pretty hard to tell.

Now, imagine that this person owns more two nearly identical AR15, one of them registered as a short-barreled rifle, and takes both to the range. For cleaning following the range time, both guns are disassembled.

If the owner accidentally puts the 16″ barrel on the registered lower and the 14.5″ barrel on the unregistered lower, he commits are felony “manufacturing of an unregistered short barreled rifle (SBR)” which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Note that there’s zero change in the actual functionality of the guns: the lower receivers are identical, and the upper receivers are still in possession of the same person who already paid for the “privilege” of using a shorter barrel.

The punishment for the accidental swapping of very similar uppers is harsher than most penalties for forcible rape, armed robbery and murder! How does that make any sense whatsoever?


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Q100 pistol review: new on Dillon Blue Press

See page 78 of the most recent Blue Press for the detailed review.

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More portraits.

Black dress

Dame with Halberd




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Selecting a barrel for S&W Victory .22: new on AllOutdoor

The long and the short of it.

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Slim, yet powerful.

That also describes her Sig P365.

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New articles

Windham 224 varmint rifle in Dillon Blue Press, page 40.

(Just photos) Remington R5 in Tactical Life.

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Random strangers on camera

On my way back from Pyramyd Air Cup 2018, I took a snapshot of a young child at Columbus airport. The eye-tracking feature of my new Sony camera worked extremely well, getting the focus just right even at 2.8 fairly close up. The kid’s mother and I talked for a while, turned out she was also heading to Nashville.

Today, I took a few studio photos of them. I’ve only edited one so far, but quite a few came out well. The kid, being a very positive, smiley cherub, stole the show.

The kid’s aunt, his mother’s younger sister, came along for company and also ended up on camera. This way, I met interesting people and gained an interesting local model. I like how things just work out.

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Today’s photos, the first two edits.

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Pregnancy and contact martial arts do not mix.

Ranged solutions tend to be more convincing…even before shots are fired.

Obviously, it’s best to have training completed before pregnancy progresses much.

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Editing old photos

Every so often, I look through old images and find something worth editing. This photo from last year was one such picture.

Sometimes, people from my past reach out and that prompts me to review the archives, finding something editable there. The portraits below date back seven years.

Besides me being a bit better with Photoshop, I think forgetting the original intent of the composition helps with a fresh re-approach to it.

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Очень интересная книга Научно-политическая фантастика.

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Half-Pint Sharps .44-40 Win: new on American Hunter

Speaking of time travelers…a special guest from the 19th century is here.

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How safe is your area? New on AllOutdoor.

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RDB-S Review: new on Shooting Illustrated

Kel-Tec RDB-S Survival Carbine

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Two WW2 commemoratives just made for each other.

Winchester WW2 series | Inland Mfg. M1911A1

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Casting couch for an action movie?

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Testing Kydex holsters for comfort: new on AllOutdoors

The only way to find out if something works…is to try it out.

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Catching up on last year’s photos

I met Angel by chance late 2015, and we did the first photo shoot Spring of 2016.

Fast-forwarding to October 2017…she made pretty good progress with weaponcraft.

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Birthday treats for the rest of the world

On the birthday of the author Amie Gibbons, her fans can get something special too: audiobook of Psychic Undercover, and the latest addition to that series, Psychic Spiral.

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