The utility of armor

Getting hit isn’t fun even with hard armor on, but trauma pads spread the impact widely enough to avoid most injury.  Definitely beats being able to see daylight through your own torso.

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“A strong oath…”

Corroborating my results, GY6 video shows the squib and destabilization problems quite vividly in slow motion.

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A Tennessee native in his natural environment


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Hello, darkness

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Flapper girl

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Fighting doesn’t guarantee either victory or survival.

But inability to fight pretty much guarantees extinction or subjugation.

“The Last Jew in Vinnytsia” history. A typical American Jew is a little harder to victimize:

The same applies to other ethnic, religious, and behavioural minorities.


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Dangerously bad ammunition (now with updated video)

I posted this video when it became clear that the problems with OATH ammunition are the result of a systematic disregard for quality control. After the first batch of 12ga squibs, they assured me it was limited to one batch with bad primers. Turns out, not so.

The good news: extended magazine tube and stabilizer from Taccom worked out great!

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RDB carbine in action

In slow motion, the lack of muzzle rise on recoil is very obvious. More RDB info.

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Importing video from LG G5 to Premier

Here’s what I see on playback, but it works fine in Windows movie player.

Does anyone know what setting I should use for editing G5 video in Premier CS5? I tried 1920×1080 29.97 frame rate, 48kHz audio, but playback looks distorted. Almost as if the encoding fails on any scenes with motion.

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Kel-Tec SU22: new on AllOutdoor

A forgotten gem.

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Playing T-rex

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A tangled mess

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Learning from the misfortunes of others

Since assassins, same as other violent criminals, get to choose the time and the place of the attack, they often land the first hit before the victim can respond. To that end, concealable armor can be a lifesaver. The example above is barely concealable — it’s a plate carrier with soft armor and trauma pads underneath — but it would pass detection under a business suit. In the US, a lot of public school teachers are in worse position than diplomats — open to predation and legally prohibited from going armed. Armor would provide a better chance of surviving an attack with pistol or a knife slash. Might make a good Christmas present for family — peace…or at least survival on earth.

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Good people I know

Three gunsmiths socializing in the manner to which they are accustomed.

Scott cleans up well, so he’s showed up in quite a few of the commercial ads and editorials I’ve made. He’s pretty hardy, too.

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And more about Amie at DayByDay…

go read it!

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Day by Day Cartoon features Amie’s “Gods Defense”

Day by Day Cartoon | Amie’s books

(By the way, I can’t post to Facebook till Monday, so feel free to link this for me there.)

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50th birthday photos (NSFW)

I was impressed by both the attitude and the physical shape. This is a woman who’s raised kids and had enough self-discipline to work out to the point of being more fit than most youngsters.

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A Falcon in hand

Nighthawk Falcon 45ACP

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One face, two moods

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Why not both?

I keep seeing comments along the lines of: “Instead of telling women to carry guns, teach men not to rape.” Why should the two measures be exclusive of each other? The same applies to self-defense at home: 911 on the phone is great, but not to the exclusion of more immediate measures.

And, while not for defense, American Eagle Synthech 115gr polymer -coated ball is pretty good ammo. With higher velocity produced by the carbine barrel, reduced friction relative to copper jacket is a plus.

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