Texture library updated.

More textures.

Even more textures.

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Keltec RDB-S: new on AllOutdoor

What that rifle is, really.

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More factual arguments for RDB-S carbine

It’s lightweight and can be controlled with one hand.

Collapsed, it can be comfortably fired by a 5 foot tall shooter.

The strong hand grip is right around the boreline, so it’s easy to point accurately.

It’s about the same length as MP5K PDW submachine gun, while much more powerful, accurate and slightly lighter. It’s also completely ambidextrous. Recoil impulse is similar to the 9mm MP5.

A user who might prefer a pistol grip configuration can swap furniture in a minute, it’s all cross compatible. The main down sides are also functions of the design:

  • Checking of the chamber status is slower than on a conventional rifle.
  • Downward ejection can be a problem if shooting sitting in shorts or prone with short sleeves. A clip-on brass catcher fixes that.

The pluses are more numerous:

  • Empty casings don’t end up in the faces of people next to the shooter, or bounce off barricade or wall into the shooter’s face or arms.
  • Five pounds is easier to carry or hold up than six to seven pounds typical of competing designs. You can have an RDB-S with a red dot, a sound suppressor and a full magazine for what a bare-bones Sig 556 weighs.
  • Felt recoil is more like 22WMR than 5.56.
  • Gas system can be tuned to work with any load, and also for sound suppressors. Minimal gas blowback.
  • Very slim form, especially with a flush-fitting 10-round magazine.
  • 16.1″ barrel compared to 8″ of a similar length AR15.
  • Variable length of pull with adjustable stock, uncommon for bullpups.
  • Folding iron sights of good quality.
  • Very high grip keeps the rifle from rolling even if a relatively heavy optic is mounted. Also keeps muzzle from flipping up on firing.
  • Simple, easy to maintain design. If you look at the parts diagram in the instruction manual, you will see that most of the parts by numbers are screws and nuts, while the actual mechanism is very simple.
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Somebody’s Christmas Present

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YHM8030 pistol: new won Tactical Life

My photos with Jay’s article.

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Cheap or free books

Posted on request: writers of the Conservative-Libertarian Fiction Alliance are presenting their Christmas book sale!

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1920×1080 Keltec PMR30 wallpaper

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A Better P90 Optic Mount: new on AllOutdoor

A new model from Design Machine

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vz58 shortie

A compact customization of vz58 carbine.

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Discus thrower

After https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discobolus

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46th wedding anniversary

The people who spawned me are awesome!

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Viking or Jesuit?

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Migrating to new social media location (updated post)

FB just blocked me for a week for a photo linked in a private message. That kind of idiocy makes it rather less useful for anything, so I will be moving the majority of my social media posting to MeWe. Please link my profile from your own social media to popularize it.

Update: originally, I posted a link to a page requiring login. The updated link goes to the public profile page.

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Gun “Buy-Back” Scalability: new on AllOutdoor

The real reason why “compensated” gun turn-ins don’t work.

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Museum musings

Minneapolis Art Institute has a nice variety of work on exhibit.

Some of it is pretty life-like. Unfortunately, the excellence of the artwork is not supported by competency in lighting of the exhibit. All lights are very directional cans set up high, with the result being lots of specular highlights without either form or texture modeled well.

It’s especially obvious with this eye sculpture: lots of bright highlights, multiple hard shadows but minimal 3D form modeling that would have happened had the museum put a diffuser above this specific item or simply under the entire battery of can lights.

Typically, hard light can emphasize texture and soft light, volume. Multiple hard lights from mostly the same direction emphasize neither and generally make for a confused perception of the object.

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To Camo or Not to Camo: new on AllOutdoor.

To Camo or Not to Camo

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A funny coincidence

It seems like a lot of Hollywood notable and politicians who overlap in their hatred of Second Amendment rights are also molesters. Their dislike of defensive capabilities in others might just be motivated by the fear of getting shot for cause.


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One part of abuse-proofing the kids

This way, every potential abuser would have this nagging thought in the back of its mind…what if the kid doesn’t get intimidated and turns me into dead meat, either on the spot or later? The same applies to adults.

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A pair of CZs for competition

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Black umbrella

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