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LAR47 carbine review: new on AllOutdoor

7.62×39 in AR15 form — an unexpectedly useful combination.

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CTMR carbine: new on AllOutdoor

A heavy-duty entry in the 7.62×39 corner.

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Using Optics for Training New Shooters: new on AllOutdoor

Going counter to conventional wisdom.

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ARAK-21in 7.62×39: new on AllOutdoor

A new 7.62×39 contender

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Cool vz58 tshirts

If you like vz58 rifles, this tshirt is for you: Get it from Czechpoint.  

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Guns make a girl smile

And a bonus redhead picture:

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Which gun for a lady?

Both vz58 and “Pure Estrogen” AR15 are light, short and have good triggers. Neither has much kick. On the other hand, the last couple of women I encountered favored M1A, SKS and FS2000…so much for trying pick shoes, handbags and … Continue reading

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Usefulness of handheld automatic weapons.

When I lived in the Soviet Union, I heard people say that they didn’t need or want capitalist excesses of choices or resources. The notion that being poor but proud conferred an intellectual superiority is held by a few in … Continue reading

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Norden Performance 1-6x scope

Scope (and an informative review of it) | TWS optic rail (maintains zero even with 10x scopes)

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Bullpup SKS

A very clever and ergonomic adaptation seen at the Bullpup Conference. The stock was made by Shernic Gun Works, and the resulting contraption worked reliably with 20-round Tapco AK magazines. With the 2x pistol scope, it was quite accurate out … Continue reading

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Improving AK sights

Norden Performance 1-6x scope on an AK with TWS rail and forend.

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Smile with teeth.

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Two AK rifles for sale by my friends

Bulgarian .223 shortie AK74: “Factory wood foregrip and a plastic railed foregrip, 6 magazines (3 black and 3 clear). It’s the SBR done by Tim Foreman. 200rnds ran through it.” Asking $2250. NFA rules apply. I shot this rifle and … Continue reading

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Red dots on AKs and shotguns

Having used Bulgarian, Polish and certain US polymer magazines, I am a convert. Steel is just too heavy for the same result. AK is a 3-4MOA rifle and yet nobody questions the utility of a red dot sight for improved … Continue reading

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A 75-count can of whoopass.

The usual: AK47 clone with Aimpoint micro on an Ultimak rail. Still works. The shooter is a professor of Renaissance literature and a professional MMA fighter in real life.

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Yugo SKS

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Hot lead is better than cold steel.

Learn to sling it effectively. Appleseed Cameo appearance by Tech Sights.

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Co-witnessing AK sights with a red dot

Take an AK, add a TWS top cover with replacement open sights (or a peep sight), add an Aimpoint Micro (or a clone) without a base. Secure with four screws. Done! The machine top cover is  sprung to stay firmly … Continue reading

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75-round handrest

I’ve always liked these drum magazine for providing a comfortable hand rest of firing standing.

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Why a CZ527 carbine

The original 7.62×39 M43 round was made for the SKS and later AK47 rifles. Since I have a vz58 compact rifle also chambered for it, why would I want a slower bolt action carbine? For one, it’s a work of … Continue reading

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