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Day by Day Cartoon features Amie’s “Gods Defense”

Day by Day Cartoon | Amie’s books (By the way, I can’t post to Facebook till Monday, so feel free to link this for me there.)

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50th birthday photos (NSFW)

I was impressed by both the attitude and the physical shape. This is a woman who’s raised kids and had enough self-discipline to work out to the point of being more fit than most youngsters.

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A Falcon in hand

Nighthawk Falcon 45ACP

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One face, two moods

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Why not both?

I keep seeing comments along the lines of: “Instead of telling women to carry guns, teach men not to rape.” Why should the two measures be exclusive of each other? The same applies to self-defense at home: 911 on the … Continue reading

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Range Officer

On stage. After the event.

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The .50 Caliber Glock: new on AllOutdoor

Guncrafter Industries conversion uppers.

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A wedding present…

…from one friend to another. Gray Wolf Hoodie, formerly Red Riding Hood, test fires her present.

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Two legal persons, one body

While at dinner in Minneapolis, my parents and I sat next to conjoined twins. When I did a quick search for the question I had (which head controls which limbs), it turned out the articles were actually about the specific … Continue reading

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