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CJ (10) and Shyanne (13) are what’s right with American youth. Smart, personable and more independent than many adults, they are my allies for winning the future from the authoritarian busybodies.  

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Fundraiser for a friend

My neighbor Dustin is fighting a bitter custody battle against his ex-wife. He’s a good man, and a great father, trying to get his children out of an unsafe environment. The kids are everything to him. So I am helping … Continue reading

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New ad for Keystone Arms

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Rocket’s red glare?

Quest for fire. Water park of Lilliput. Red Icee. Finger food. Each successful Independence Day celebration brings out more kids. Some of my friends are taking self-replication seriously.

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Pass it on!

It’s good to be a competitive shooter, like Dani Bryan-Nickens for Team CZ Forum. It’s even better to also pass on the skills and the mindset to the next generation. That Volquartsen Scorpion is worth a lot more in competent … Continue reading

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Like training wheels for pistols

Handguns designed to powerful AND lightweight tend to be less fun to shoot. At the same time, they are generally compact enough for teaching kids and other new shooters. So combining lightweight frames like Keltec PF9 or Ruger LC9 or … Continue reading

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Why should dirty politicians be the only people with guardian angels? It helps if the weapon can be controlled with one hand. It also helps if it has greater range, power and accuracy that a typical handgun.

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New on AllOutdoor: Selecting the right gun for teaching a new shooter

The article focuses on selecting the right firearm for teaching guns safety and marksmanship to kids.

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Encouraging sights at the NRA convention.

This boy, at the show with his grandfather, was excited about an aftermarket stock for his 10-22 that was a perfect fit. The girl, at Savage Arms booth with her mother and older sister, was trying out a Stevens 512 … Continue reading

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Turning 18.

Three years ago, I took this photo of 15 year old Rachel. She had fun with the bolt action but had to shoot it from a support due to the stock length and considerable overall heft. Yesterday, I took photos … Continue reading

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Quoted on Voice of Russia

Recently, I responded to questions from a journalist writing for an English-language publication there. The article, Gun Controlling Your Children: a Family Affair just came out. Technically, it has several phrasing and factual errors but the overall tone and the … Continue reading

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A party snapshot: M1 carbines

Yesterday, I had a nice party at my home. Half of the fourteen guests were teenagers ranging from 12 to 19. Three of them, aged 12 to 14 and all left-winged just by coincidence, picked out toys for the next … Continue reading

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Appleseed rifle training


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Left-hand kids’ rifle

Learning to shoot is tough enough. Learning with a rifle meant for the wrong hand is harder. Fortunately, falling block, lever and certain bolt actions are leftie-friendly. This one even ejects to the left. Crickett

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Scoped Chipmunk .22 rifle

The rifle is extremely light and fits even very young shooters. Pretty nice wood for a kids’ rifle. Crickett

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