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Black, red and yellow…

…nature’s danger warning, slightly subdued in this instance.     The rifle is an update of the Doublestar “teen gun” with Strike Industries forend for Mlock capability. Good ventilation and heat shields are pretty helpful to the gun with a pencil thin … Continue reading

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Superhuman senses.

She can hear better and tell bearing of the sound source more precisely with the amplified hearing protection. She can see in the dark with the thermal scope. And she’s definitely compensating with the Tavor for her inability to well-aimed … Continue reading

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Volquartsen solution for the left-handed.

Volquartsen Ultra Lite .22 is an awesome rifle, but the thumbhole stock is fairly long and designed purely for right-handed users. Fortunately, one minute with a screwdriver puts on an even lighter Hogue stock which is shorter and ambidextrous. Add … Continue reading

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Savage Rascal, scoped

I’ve written about Savage Rascal before. It’s one of my favorite little rifles, tiny enough for kids but built well enough for adults to use as well. I use mine with the default peep sight and that’s good enough for … Continue reading

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Brenneke slugs work well

Origin 12 shotgun with Trijicon RX30 sight (unmagnified 6.5MOA dot reticle), Brenneke full power magnum slugs. Five shots at 25 yards, with the shotgun rested on a porch railing. The sight wasn’t fully adjusted at that point, we fixed it … Continue reading

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Fun guns and the girls who shoot them

ATI STG44-22 is one of my favorite plinkers. Scoped, it’s impressively accurate.

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Sometimes shorter IS better: a very handy CQB package

This is a Spike’s Tactical 300 Blackout pistol with 8.5″ barrel. It delivers fairly impressive external ballistics, but it’s still an AR pistol and requires specific training for effective use. When a friend came by with a registered short barrel lower (also Spike’s … Continue reading

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LAR47 carbine review: new on AllOutdoor

7.62×39 in AR15 form — an unexpectedly useful combination.

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Two de-facto standards in competition rimfire shooting

Volquartsen pistols and rifles and C-More sights. Competently handled by Cheyenne Dalton.  

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Just Looking

A Lucky Gunner employee practicing sitting position in the best traditions of Appleseed.  

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Using Optics for Training New Shooters: new on AllOutdoor

Going counter to conventional wisdom.

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Girl with a scar

SCAR16S with 4x ACOG 

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When “Too Much Scope” Isn’t Too Much: new on AllOutdoor

Lucid 6-24x and other high-magnification scopes for varminting

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TacCom .22 Carbon Fiber AR Upper: new on AllOutdoor

A Featherweight Over-Achiever.

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A coming 4x BDC scope

PWS piston rifle with the prototype Lucid 4x prismatic scope.  

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Small features that matter

AAC MPW 300BLK rifle with 2.5-10x Vortex scope. The shooter is one of OATH Ammunition employees. Ammunition: OATH subsonic 300BLK in aluminum case, supersonic in brass case. Projectiles in both are precision-machined copper. I’ve been playing a lot with machined bullets … Continue reading

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Keltec KSG in fun mode

More information about KSG.

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Ignorance of the law

One of the pivotal court cases restricting the rights of Americans was the 1939 US vs. Miller. It’s quite obvious from the evidence that Miller had no idea that he was breaking that specific law at the time he was … Continue reading

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Accurate rifles are interesting. Accurate shooting is more so.

  Let’s say we have a target one second of flight time away. For 62gr .223 that would be about 650 yards. Aim, correct for drop, fire…not even close! 10mph side wind will take the center of the group more … Continue reading

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CMR30 in use

And between uses (with Vortex Spitfire 3x prismatic scope) Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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